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We welcome your involvement and we encourage you to take an active role in Independent Living, bringing your skills, your talents and your expertise to the forefront to improve life for citizens with disabilities.


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MonthlyVoice of Specials® Lahore, Pakistan.
A media project of VOS DPO, Lahore.

Every voice is special but 'Voice of Specials" have an endless echo.

The largest  ABC Certified  
bi-lingual magazine by and for
Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan

An effort to promote, protect and ensure full & equal rights of the persons with disabilities.

Join hands today


Noor Fatima Welfare Trust is an organization to rehabilitate Special (Disabled) Persons and their certain disabilities of all categories, working actively in all walks of life to the maximum possible extent. It has the following full time agenda for the betterment of disabled community:

  1. To create awareness in general public that the word Disabled may be officially substituted with PWD (Person With Disabilities).

  2. An effort to promote and protect the rights and dignity of PWDs (Persons With Disabilities).

  3. To focus on issues and problems that directly affects people’s ability to live full and independent lives. To do all undertakings, actions and deeds for the rehabilitation of "Persons With Disabilities".

  4. To setup a chain of rehabilitation centers for "Persons With Disabilities" at National and International level.

  5. To set up rehabilitation centre for special children both male and female and to provide them education so that they may become useful citizen of the society and the country in the long run.

  6. To provide wheel chairs, hearing aid, crutches, and other supporting materials like artificial limbs, arms, feet, etc. to needy persons that leads them to an independent life.

  7. To cooperate and coordinate with the local, national and international NGOs, working for the welfare of the "Persons With Disabilities" without any discrimination.

  8. To arrange seminars, workshops, conferences for the awareness and betterment of "Persons with Disabilities" at Local, National and International levels.

  9. To establish, maintain and run free dispensaries, hospitals & laboratories.

  10. To construct a building complex (owned by the NFWT) where facilities like school, hostel with mess, computer lab, vocational training centre, library and sports hall, etc. will be provided under one roof.

Read About New Project

NFWT, from its very inception has started to march towards its prime goal to promote and uplift socio-economic status of the people with certain disabilities by providing them education, training, employment, legal aid, consultancy, guidance & counseling etc. NFWT providing financial support/loan to the "Persons with Disabilities" to uplift their financial status. Widows, divorcees and deserving females are supported by providing sewing machines, and vocational training, where needed while old-aged "Persons with Disabilities" (senior citizens) are treated with education, household commodities to control & overcome the additional problems of disabilities.

NFWT has also provided financial support/relief to meet the requirements of weddings, medical treatments, school uniforms, books & stationery, and winter clothing, to the deserved and needy "Persons with Disabilities" and children. NWFT arrange short computer training courses and trading skills for the "Persons with Disabilities" according to modern techniques and methods.

NFWT provides cultural gathering opportunities to ensure social adjustments and understandings by motivating, learning and sharing ideas among each other. NFWT arrange meetings with field-oriented social workers by considering; activities, needs, problems and their solution on the basis of radical and scientific approach and to avoid the duplication of work through coordinated efforts. NFWT desires to begin a program to educate normal people, how to safely sympathize "Persons with Disabilities" without hurting their ego.

  Uncompromised Realities: 

  • There are 600 million "Persons with Disabilities" worldwide, in which 80% are living in under-developed (poor) countries.

  • Death rate in "Persons with Disabilities" is 80% more than normal persons.

  • Suicide rate in "Persons with Disabilities" is approx. 75%.

“…once a person overcomes a disability through his own courage, determination and hard work, he has a depth of spirit you and I know little about…. This is a branch of medicine in which the patient has more power than the doctor in setting the limits and possibilities…”
(The Father of Rehabilitation, Dr. Howard Rusk)

Asking for Help is not a Sign of Weakness. We all need help every now and then. Financial, spiritual, physical

and emotional help that comes from others to get us through difficult times in our lives.