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MonthlyVoice of Specials Lahore, Pakistan.
A media project of VOS DPO, Lahore.

Every voice is special but 'Voice of Specials" have an endless echo.

The largest  ABC Certified  
bi-lingual magazine by and for
Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan

An effort to promote, protect and ensure full & equal rights of the persons with disabilities.

Join hands today

Archive 2007-08... (Previous Issues)

  1st year of publication... 2007-2008 

Volume - 1

Issues: 1~12 (12 issues)  July 2007 to June 2008

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March 2008

Vol-1  Issue-10
April 2008

May 2008

Vol-1  Issue-12
June 2008


Vol-1  Issue-5
November 2007

Vol-1  Issue-6
December 2007

Vol-1  Issue-7
January 2008

February 2008


Vol-1  Issue-1
July 2007

Vol-1  Issue-2
August 2007

Vol-1  Issue-3
September 2007

Vol-1  Issue-4
October 2007



On Publishing of First Issue of "Voice of Specials"

A Message from Madam Zubaida Jalal
Federal Minister for Social Welfare & Special Education, Government of Pakistan.


 Previous issues are available
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