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MonthlyVoice of Specials Lahore, Pakistan.
A media project of VOS DPO, Lahore.

Every voice is special but 'Voice of Specials" have an endless echo.

The largest  ABC Certified  
bi-lingual magazine by and for
Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan

An effort to promote, protect and ensure full & equal rights of the persons with disabilities.

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Letter to NADRA Chairman

How to get Special NADRA I.D Card?

  Special Note: 

This site is not a beneficiary of NADRA

Tel: 051 111 786 100



Honourable Mr. Chairman,
National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)

Dear sir,

Government of Pakistan Mini Pak Flag had decided for the "Issuance of Special Cards' to disabled persons (now "Persons with Disabilities") in its meeting held on 5th April, 2000. It's clearly declared that these cards would be issued by your authority - NADRA. (The synopsis is duly quoted hereunder for your kind perusal, while the complete manuscript may be read here).

1. Why "Special Cards" has not been adopted and implemented so far?
2. What restrictions and/or hurdles you are facing in issuance of these cards?
3. Is there any changes in the policy?

Sir, 20 million* (12.29% of total population) "Persons with Disabilities" in Pakistan are still depriving from their basic rights. There are many troubles and difficulties confronted by them while performing their daily routines. It's further indicated; 90% "Persons with Disabilities" are unemployed in Pakistan.You are hereby requested to play a beneficial role in this behalf to deal with the basic rights of "Persons with Disabilities" and promote their dignity by providing "Special Cards" to them without late. So they might be able to obtain certain facilities promised by the Government of Pakistan Mini Pak Flag

A perception to automatically issuance of "Special Cards" to the NCRDP certificate holders would be more approachable and appreciated on compassionate grounds.

Issuance of Special Cards:
Cabinet has decided very kindly for issuance of Special Cards to disabled persons entitling them to avail facilities in its meeting held on 5th April, 2000. NCRDP has communicated the decisions to four PCRDPs, SAFRAN and NADRA. A meeting of Executive Committee of NCRDP was held on one point agenda i.e. issuance of Special Cards. Which were circulated amongst members including NADRA. NCRDP has responded NADRA s queries regarding modalities for issuance of Special Cards, Data Base form and design of cards.

Recently a meeting was held on 9th June, 2001 in the office of Project Officer, NADRA regarding issuance of Special Cards to disabled persons to avail concessional facilities in air fare and Railway etc and other certain facilities approved by the Cabinet. In this meeting National Data Base and Registration Authority (NADRA) has asked to provided information to be printed on the back side of cards so that the card holder could avail facility. The following are to be printed on the card in short form and the same has been conveyed to NADRA on 20th June, 2001:-

- Free medical treatment in Government Hospitals
- Free supporting aids, i.e. wheel chair, tri cycle, hearing aid etc.
- Free education except professional education i.e. Engineering and Medical.
- Allocation of 2% seats in all professional & technical institutions (except Engineering and Medicine).
- Fare concession in PIA & Pakistan Railways.

Another Opinion:
I proposed, NADRA print the "International Symbol of Access" on each Passport issued to
a person, using wheelchair or a different colour binding maybe be imposed for identification.

* a wheelchair emblem adopted by the UNO

Hoping for an early response at your end and oblige.
With Blessings & Regards!

Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz
Executive Editor
Voice of Specials, Lahore.



* according to WHO

Our Voice is Answered:


We are thankful to concerned Government Authorities who approved the Rights of the PWDs and instructed NADRA to start issuing "Special Computerized Cards" to PWDs which carries Universal Logo of Disabled. These cards are being issued  Free of Cost to the persons bearing NCRDP Certificate stamp which reads  "Verified As Disabled".

How to get Special NADRA I.D Card?

To get special NADRA card for disabled person, you are directed to get first

(1) Ordinary NADRA I.D Card
NCRDP Certificate.

Registration with NCRDP will enable you to fight for government service under 2% disabled quota and other special facilities promised by the government. NCRDP Certification is a procedure to appear against the medical assessment board to get official verification whether you are "Disabled" or not. The medical assessment boards are usually worked in district hospitals of your city. In Lahore; Services Hospital is fulfilling this service. (please verify the hospital in your city) According to your certain type of disability, the Medical Assessment Board will examine and recommend a suitable job for you with or without vocational training and/or appropriate treatment for your rehabilitation (if required).

Normally, the registration form can be obtained from Department of Psychiatric Treatment for Children, Services Hospital, Lahore (please verify the location in your city). The filled form can be deposited at the same desk only on Mondays and Tuesdays. The Medical Assessment Board usually meets every Thursday. If you are qualified As Verified Disabled, a proper certificate will be issued to you within 2-3 days.

After getting NCRDP Certificate, you can apply for the Special NADRA Card for Free. Simply go to NADRA office with (1) Your original ordinary NADRA I.D Card (2) Your original NCRDP Certificate (with photo copy). After successfully completing this procedure, you will get your Special NADRA Card within a week or so. The new card will have the same number as your ordinary NADRA I.D Card.

To know what facilities are currently promised by the Government of Pakistan, click this link