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MonthlyVoice of Specials Lahore, Pakistan.
A media project of VOS DPO, Lahore.

Every voice is special but 'Voice of Specials" have an endless echo.

The largest  ABC Certified  
bi-lingual magazine by and for
Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan

An effort to promote, protect and ensure full & equal rights of the persons with disabilities.

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Collective Achievements for Pakistani PWDs

Achievements on VOS Platform

Achievements on NWFT Platform


 Collective Achievements for Pakistani PWDs

Good News for Pakistani PWDs - Our Efforts are Answered...

According to Cabinet Decision in Case No.78/09/2009 Dated 3 June 2009; 50% concession in Air, Train and Road fare for PWDs has been implemented.

 (a) Concession by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

With reference to letter No. 8-2-2008-F-1 Dated December 18, 2009, PIA as a National Carrier is fully appreciative of its role in facilitating all segments of the society. Within the same spirit PIA is presently extending the 50% discount for PWDs and 25% discount for his/her attendant on all PK routes (Domestic and/or International routes - Editor) against production of Special Computerized Identity Card CNIC) being issued to the PWDs which carries Universal Logo of Disable through PK offices in accordance with earlier instruction from the Ministry of Defense.

With regard to the fresh communication from Ministry of Social Welfare and Education to allow the above facility to persons with disability (physically handicapped, mentally retarded, hearing impaired and visually impaired) against production of certificate: from National Council for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (NCRDP) and Provincial Councils for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PCRDP) , the information is being conveyed to PIA stations on the network with immediate effect.

 (b) Concession by Pakistan Railways

With reference to Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education's letter No. 7-35/05-NCRDP dated 8th October 2009 on the subject mention above (50% concession in Air, Train and Road fare for PWDs) and to inform that Cabinet decision regarding 50% concession in rail base fare for the PWDs (physically handicapped, mentally retarded, hearing impaired and visually impaired) has been implemented vide Chief Commercial Manager/P Pakistan Railway, Headquarter Office Lahore letter No. 2-M &R/6719-R/III dated 21-10-2009. The concession will be allowed/granted on the following conditions:

  • The said concession will be granted on the production of Special CNICs issued to PWDs by NADRA.

  • A photocopy of the Special CNICs provided by the applicant will be retained by the reservation/booking staff at stations and pasted with counterfoil and number of CNIC be recorded on BPTs.

  • The PWDs will keep the original CNIC with him/her during journey and can be checked by the STEs/checking staff. If the CNIC is not found, the said person will be treated as ticketless traveler and will be charged at full rate.

  • No attendant will be allowed with the PWDs.

 (c) Concession by University of the Punjab

The Vice Chancellor of University of the Punjab has been waive off; Tution Fee, Hostel Room Rent, Hostel Admission Fee, Hostel Water Charges, Hostel Medical Fee and Hostel Electricity Charges to the "Special Students" (PWDs) who got valid admission in University of the Punjab w.e.f 24 March 2010.

Government of Pakistan has announced to offer the following benefits to the people with Disabilities in Pakistan:

  1. Persons with disabilities can receive Rs.1000 (now Rs. 1200 announced in National Budget 2013-14) every month directly from the provincial government

  2. Persons with severe disabilities can get Rs.2000 from BENAZIR SOCIAL SECURITY FUND FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING which can help them to avail personal attendant services

  3. Disabled persons of Pakistan can get their own wheelchair, hearing-aid or white cane depending on their requirement. It will be provided free of cost from the Government of Pakistan. Request for receiving assistive devices should be made to Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal or the Federal Government.

  4. If a family has two or more than two persons with disabilities, that family will be declared a "Special Respected Family" and will be supported by the Government of Pakistan.

Official website: Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP)

Procedure to apply:

  • The person with disability (PWD) who requires an assistive device should write an application to Bait-ul-Mal to request the desired device.

  • The application should also include the following:

    1. 2 photographs of the person with disability (The photograph should cover the full body of the person with disability)

    2. Certificate of Disability

    3. Copy of National ID Card or CNIC

All applications will be processed in 15 working days. Any organization cannot apply on behalf of a PWD, the PWD should either apply himself/herself or should have one of the family members apply for him/her.

Please send your application to one of the following addresses:

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal
Head Office, Khayaban-e-Johar, H-8/4, Islamabad

Contact Persons:
Mr. Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh
(MD PBM) 0333 575 9999,

Mr. Azhar Afzal (DD Admin) 0300 886 6940
Land Line Number: 051 925 0457,
Fax Number : 051 925 0458


 Achievements on VOS Platform

  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad has issued certification of inclusion of "Voice of Specials" in the Central Media List w.e.f July 15, 2008.

  • Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad has issued certification of ABC to "Voice of Specials" w.e.f April 11, 2008.

  • Ministry of Special Education, Directorate General of Special Education, Pakistan granted special permission to "Voice of Specials" dated 22nd March 2008 to officially visit all institutions/schools in all over Pakistan.

  • Office of the Press Registrar, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad issued "Certificate of Registration to "Voice of Specials"  dated 14th January 2008.

  • Ministry of Special Education, Directorate General of Special Education, Punjab granted special permission to "Voice of Specials" dated 13th November 2007 to officially visit all institutions/schools in Punjab.

  • Member of Media List, Press Information Department, Government of Pakistan vw.e.f 27th October 2007 and instructed all Government and Semi-government Departments to issue advertisements to "Voice of Specials", Lahore on regular basis.

  • Ministry of Social Welfare & Special Education, Directorate General of Special Education, Government of Pakistan instructed all Special Education Institutions and Centers controlled by Federal Government w.e.f 25th October 2007 to purchase Bi-lingual Monthly "Voice of Specials", Lahore on monthly or annual basis to be aware of the problems and activities of "Persons with Disabilities".

  • Regd RL. L.No.MB/L-408 allotted by Post Master General, Pakistan Post.

  • Adopted more specific symbols to explain 6 certain disabilities i.e. (see above-right )

    • Physically Disabled (Wheelchair Bounded)

    • Physically Disabled (Walking with Crutches, Walker. Stick)

    • Visually Impaired (Blind)

    • Speaking Impaired (Dumb)

    • Hearing Impaired (Deaf)

    • Mentally Impaired

Asking for Help is not a Sign of Weakness. We all need help every now and then. Financial, spiritual, physical
and emotional help that comes from others to get us through difficult times in our lives.

 Achievements on NWFT Platform

A brief report of achievements on NWFT platform during past two years including rehab work in earthquake areas.

Rehabilitation of "Persons with Disabilities" under NOOR FATIMA WELFARE TRUST (Regd) Lahore Pakistan has been devotedly attentive to its agenda for action throughout the years as usual on the whole in spite of limited resources and certain obstacles.

To achieve its aims and objectives including socio-economic status with equal opportunities for the "Persons with Disabilities". NFWT was full time engaged in providing and arranging advocacy, education, rehabilitation and social integration programs. Apart from the regular programs and services, we supported disabled persons, student, widows, divorcees and other deserving "Persons with Disabilities" and provide them, uniforms, books, stationery, small loan, sewing machines, wheel chairs, crutches, hearing aids, winter clothes, and bedding to approximately 300 beneficiaries; comprising of needy and deserving "Persons with Disabilities", children and females.

As previous years NFWT has arranged special assistance comprising of clothes, ration (Food) and cash to the 500 deserving "Persons with Disabilities" and children during the month of October 2005 (Holy Month of Ramzan). That NFWT arranged 7 days' National Course followed by 2 days' seminar on techniques for the usually, handicapped (disabled) "Persons with Disabilities" in remote District of Okara. In addition, we conducted National Seminars in Abbot Abad, Depalpur (Okara) 6 in Lahore to meet the problems, requirements and social awareness. The members of NFWT attended different meetings, seminar and discussions at Local and National level along with the participation in seminar at Multan etc. NFWT has continued to approach the concerned authorities in government and private sectors to resolve the individual and collective problems of "Persons with Disabilities" at local, provincial and national level.

NFWT and its highest level delegation, comprising of executive members, social workers, legal authorities  met with higher authorities of the concerned departments to protect the rights and dignity of the "Persons with Disabilities". NFWT is in contact with the concerned international agencies on regular basis to coordinate international studies, social gatherings, conferences, seminars and workshops on mutual interests.

On October 8, 2005 (PST: 8:55 am) the worse earthquake in Pakistan history hit the mass population of Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir, NFWT well-played its role for the rehabilitation and welfare of the people in the earthquake-affected areas. NFWT tried its level best to help the poor, orphans, widows and other handicapped persons in their difficult time. NFWT has served the affected persons at Muzzfarabad, Neelam Valley, Lipa, Kola, Bagh, Rawlakot, Ohair, Hajeera, Balakot and other affected areas.

Despite of any distinction of caste, creed, color and religion, the said trust distributed; tents, tin sheets for roofs, woods, and other supportive goods to save lives in affected areas. NFWT also supplied blankets and beddings, edibles like; flour, sugar, cooking oil, ghee, rice, tea, milk, and mineral water to the effectees.

NFWT convinced various people to collect above mentioned commodities of worth Pak Rs. 500,000/- from their respective areas. Then we arranged transport and a team of volunteers to distribute all the collected items to earthquake victims. These volunteers also helped out the persons who lost their limbs during earthquake by providing them artificial body parts.