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Microsoft Excel

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

Speed up your outputs by using these shortcuts.
Practice is the key to success. Good Luck!




Default sheets (per file):


Total Rows per sheet:


Total Columns per sheet:


Total Cells per sheet:




Total Profit/loss Percent

=B63*B64/100 (actual amount*profit/100)

Total Amount (Profit)

=B56*B57/100+B56 (actual amount*profit/100 + actual amount)

Total Amount (Loss)

=D22*D23/100-D22 (actual amount*profit/100 - actual amount)

Percentage (Result)

=M7/750*100  (obtained Marks/Total Marks*100)

Square Root

=SQRT(B75) (find square root of a given number)


=AVERAGE(D76:D83) (find average of a given range)

Maximum Amount

=MAX(D90:D97(find maximum number in given range)

Minimum Amount

=MIN(F90:F97) (find minimum number in a given range)

Count the Entries

=COUNT(D104:D115) (counts the entries in given range)

Count if greater than 5000

=COUNTIF(B1:B31,">5000") (5000 is supposed amount)

Count if smaller than 5000

=COUNTIF(B1:B31,"<5000") (5000 is supposed amount)

Sum if greater than 5000

=SUMIF(B1:B31,">5000") (5000 is supposed amount)

Sum if smaller than 5000

=SUMIF(B1:B31,"<5000") (5000 is supposed amount)

Count years from Today

=DATEDIF(D175,NOW(),"y") (counts given date in years)

Count months from Today

=DATEDIF(D176,NOW(),"m") (counts given date in months)

Count days from Today

=DATEDIF(D177,NOW(),"d") (counts given date in days)

Choose Weekday

=TEXT(WEEKDAY(J182), "dddd")


=CONVERT(D19,"in","cm") (ft-m, lbm-kg, l-gal, C-F)

Large (First)

=LARGE(D203:D214,1(find 1st highest number )

Large (Second)

=LARGE(D203:D214,2) (find 2nd highest number )

Large (Third)

=LARGE(D203:D214,3) (find 3rd highest number )

Small (First)

=SMALL(D203:D214,1) (find 1st smallest number)

Small (Second)

=SMALL(D203:D214,2) (find 2nd smallest number)

Small (Third)

=SMALL(D203:D214,3) (find 3rd smallest number)

Insert Current Date

=TODAY() (Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + ; semicolon)

Insert Current Time

Ctrl + : (Keyboard Shortcut)

Insert Currency Symbol

Ctrl + Shift + $ (apply on an amount, already in a cell)

Change Date Format

Ctrl + Shift + # (change date format, already in a cell)

Insert AutoSum Function

Alt + = (Keyboard Shortcut)

Show Formulas (Toggle)

Ctrl + ~ (show all formulas except results)

Move to Start /End of sheet

Ctrl + Home  /  Ctrl + End (Keyboard Shortcut)

Move to next/previous sheet

Ctrl + Page Up  / Ctrl + Page Down (Keyboard Shortcut)

Open the Format Cells dialog

Ctrl + 1 (Keyboard Shortcut)

Edit a cell's contents

F2 (Keyboard Shortcut)

Select a block/table of data

Ctrl + Shift + * (Keyboard Shortcut)

Note: Red entries are supposed cells

Compiled & Tested by: Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz
Principal, Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute

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IBM introduces its first Personal Computer, IBM 5250 on August 12, 1981.


Worldwide Web (WWW) was introduced by Tim Burner Lee on August 6, 1991


Fact: 90% of world computers run Microsoft Windows as their operating system.


  Computer Jokes 

An Intel PC has four protection modes: Abort, Retry, Fail and Reboot.

Old software engineers never die, they just logout.

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85% of working professionals are unable to give proper presentation

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