Tribute to Muhammad Anver Beig, USA May God be pleased with him. Ameen!
Tributes by Siblings 

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  Tributes by Siblings  

Fizza Shiekh Butt
Haroon Beig
Mauizah Beig (Poems)
Nighat Faheem
Shifa Mahmood
Shifa Mahmood (Poem)
Yasmeen Beig



By Nighat Fahim
By the siblings of Muhammad Anver Beig:
Farkhanda Mushtaq, Iffat Sheikh, Tariq Beig, Ishrat Habib,
Hamayun Beig, Riffat Khalid, Nighat Faheem.

For My Respected and Beloved Brother
For all Muslims, our best example is our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Yet in each personal life, there is someone that touches you tremendously, and becomes your real life role model. Rasulallah (PBUH) is a prime example for everyone. I also think that my brother, Muhammad Anver Beig, was also a good example for today's Muslim youth to follow. In every generation, a great man is born, and in my generation, that man was my brother. I am not just saying this because he is related to me. I am sure of this because of witnessing his actions. First of all, Bhai Jaan had very strong Iman. He tried his best to be a great Muslim, and had a great love for the Qur'an. He always encouraged me to learn and try to understand the Qur'an. He also loved to do Dawah, and always told me to spread Islam among whoever I met. He used to say that we came to this country to spread Islam because it was our duty. I learned so much from this man about really living Islam.

Bhai Jaan was the eldest child, and was a great brother and son. He loved the whole family and took care of us after our father died. He was the father figure for all of his siblings, and even all our relatives. He supported all of his brothers and sisters, and kept us united. He brought us to this country and helped us settle and begin new lives here. I will never forget how after every "Tarawih" prayer in Ramadhan, he used to sit among all of us, and make duaa that we would all be together in Jannah. Also, out of all of us, he cared the most for our mother. He was a devoted son, and always told us to respect and serve our mother. He was always kind, gentle, generous and understanding. Not just to us, but to everyone he met.

My brother, Muhammad Anver Beig loved education, both of the Deen and this Dunya. He encouraged all his nieces and nephews to be good students and to excel in everything they did. He was such a good role model for them, as well as all the other people he met. He always made du'aa for all of the Muslim youth to stay strong in Iman and Islam. He used to say that our boys and girls are lighthouses, to guide people to Islam in the future. I never met any other person who was as wonderful as my big brother. He was not only precious to us, but to all of the Muslim community. His love was so pure, and he nurtured us and made us into who we are today. We are all witnesses to what a great man he was. I pray that Allah (SWT) shower him with blessings, and give him the highest level of Jannat-ul-Adan. I make du'aa that we will all join him there in the future, Aameen.

 Published in “Weekly Mirror International” (April 27, 2005 issue)

By Fizza Sheikh Butt (The Shiekh Family)

To a man who has left his loving mark on all of our lives.
He was an uncle, a father and a teacher to us.
He molded our lives as a good Muslim should.
His words and actions will never be forgotten.
We'll show our respect and love through our actions.
"May our families be together even in Jannah",
He always made this du’aa for us.
Our love for him will keep us together (InshaAllah)
His memory will stay in our hearts forever.

Published in “Weekly Mirror International” (April 27, 2005 issue)

Butt Family Houston, TX
An empty house, an empty chair,
A father’s love, No longer there
Many memories in our mind,
Some we laugh, some we cry
Realizing that's all we have to hold on to,
Only memories, of what once were you.
Missing your laugh, we will never again hear.
That is the reality that fills us with so much fear
The last hug, the last kiss,
The last "goodbye" leaves us with one last wish...
To have you Dear uncle, here today,
Never to leave your loved ones this way.

By Shifa Mahmood

About Chanda Mamoo,
Few people come into the world that is held in such high esteem by everyone they meet. My uncle was one of these rare souls who influenced those who he met in only positive ways. I marvel at the fact that he was actually related to me - my mother's oldest brother, my beloved Chanda Mamoo. I never thought I was actually good enough to have such an awesome man be my uncle.

Since I was a child, I always stood in awe of him - his red hair, his tremendous laugh, his kind words. I used to live far away from him, and would come to visit over long breaks from school. When the time came to go back home, I would continuously cry because I never wanted to leave my cousins and the house wherein all my best childhood memories were formed. While my parents were yelling at me to get in the car, Chanda Mamoo would comfort me and do his best to make me laugh. His jokes were never foolish or a waste of words, as some jokes are. They were always nice and sometimes even thought provoking. I don't know many people who can make jokes like that. That is one thing I will always remember - everything that came out of his mouth was gentle and intelligent.

Chanda Mamoo had a way of making everything a good lesson. When doing every day little things like playing, eating, or reading a book, he would quote a hadith from Rasulallah (S), or an Urdu proverb. The amount I learned from normal conversations with him is amazing. His incredible way with words influenced me to choose my own words carefully. No one could ever say anything thoughtless around him. His sincerity in actions and speech taught me to always be genuine. I always observed that Chanda Mamoo never said or did anything he didn't really mean. This type of honesty and truthfulness is so hard to find nowadays, yet my uncle exemplified it throughout his lifetime. Also, being near Chanda Mamoo put me on my best behavior from the time I was very young, up to the last time I was in his company. His love for his mother (my grandmother) made me want to behave the same way towards my own mother. He always used to tell me to take care of his sister and to be kind towards her. The way he used to say these things made me want to run and immediately do them. He taught us so much through his good deeds and everyday life. That was how powerful his presence was, and how amazingly his own actions affected others.

Chanda Mamoo was so wonderful, no one would ever want to disappoint him. Instead, all my cousins and I would strive to impress him and make him happy. We just wanted him to be proud of us. Whenever Chanda Mamoo gave one of us a compliment, it would make our day. His compliments were incomparable. He was so generous and understanding. He was also so appreciative that he said thank you for the littlest things. I have never met anyone else that was more thankful to our Lord and everyone else around him. Chanda Mamoo was a blessing for his family, and for the whole world.

Chanda Mamoo always used to shout "Zindabad!" (Live long and well) and that would always make me giggle. But now I realize that is all he wished for his family. And not only us, but for everyone he met. He wanted us all to live long, happy successful Islamic lives. He used to tell us to strive for not only a good life in this Dunya, but also a life as a good Muslim. I know he was not only my uncle, but rather he was a great man and brilliant role model. He lived his life for Islam, and influenced his whole family to do the same. So many people have heard his virtues being extolled by his family. One can easily think that the only reason is that he was related to us. Yet, as the days go by and more and more people hear that he has passed away, they too are praising the life he led and the good deeds he committed. Literally thousands of people are witnesses to the fantastic character of this man, and so is the greatest Witness of all, our Lord, Ash-Shaheed.

Published in “Weekly Mirror International” (May 11, 2005 issue)

By Shifa Mahmood (A Poem)

In Loving Memory of my Uncle, Muhammad Anver Beig
Oh Allah, my Lord, Al Majeed,
Here I pray to You, for Your service I'm in need
Al Mumit, my uncle has returned to You,
Al Mu'izz, I ask that You reward him and give him peace too
Al Baseer, You saw him strive for Your Cause
As Sami, You heard him preaching your laws
Al Khabir, You know he was your obedient slave,
Al Khaliq, it was You Who made him so noble and brave
Al Alim, You know he was patient and kind
Al Wahhab You gave him a strong and intelligent mind
Al Mu'min, You watched him follow the Prophet's way
Ar Raqib, You observed him teach us what the Quran had to say
Al Muhyi, You made him a great brother, father, and son
Ash Shahid, You saw how he loved everyone
Al Barr, because of You he was so patient, compassionate, and filled with love,
Ar Razzaq, thank you for sending him from Above
Al Mutakaabir, you honored and blessed him in so many ways
to You Al Karim, goes all our praise
Oh Ar Rahim, for him we now plead
Please Al Ghafur, accept each good deed
Al Qawi, he was a man firm on Your Path,
Oh At Tawwab, he feared Your wrath
Now here we sit, Al Afuw and ask for You to forgive
Please Ar-Rauf, for Your Deen he did his best to live
As Salaam, please give him Jannah and total peace
Al Baqi, never let his Sadaqa Jariyya cease
Now we ask You oh Al-Wadud, to give us patience and strength to carry out his goals
and Al Hadi, we ask for You to guide our souls
Oh Al Wali, please let us be with him in Jannah, among the best
Please accept our thanks Allah (SWT), for we truly are blessed!

Published in “Weekly Mirror International” (April 27, 2005 issue)

By Mauizah Beig
Tayya Abu (A Poem)

You were always there when we needed you most
Even if it was just to talk you were always by our side
Through the good times and the bad
Your love was the real kind so hard to find
Your iman was stronger than anyone in your time
Your values were based on what you knew and loved
And as time went by you never changed them at all.
What you taught and respected most
Will not be left to linger alone.
We'll try our best to finish what you started
Knowing that what it was, was perfect.
Your no longer by our side, yet your spirit is still
We know you look down upon us and smile
Just remember our love is ever lasting I promise you this.
The present leaves for a few minutes
That allows the past to comes in short visits
The good times and the bad
Memories flow back as I sit here
I can hear the laughs
I can see u smile
I can see u dance
I remember Eid, so long ago
Another year, it feels like another century ago
Yet in my heart I know its you
You stand so pure and with such noble strength.
As love glows off your very soul.
You flourish with such inner beauty
Your words filled with such wisdom float back to me.
This huge family of yours
We all stayed together because you loved us so.
Your gone we understand
Yet we still mourn
Forgive us please for your love was to strong
Yet I know deep down instead
That may u not b here in person
You'll always hang in the sky
You'll watch over all of us
With love and pride
My Tayya Abu,
And our beautifully Chanda Mamoo.

Published in “Weekly Mirror”
(April 27, 2005 issue)

By Haroon Beig (Age 9)

Great Tayya Abu
reatest person in the world
Remembering him in my heart
Excellent person
Always there
Taught me how to respect elders

Thoughtful to everyone
Always smiling
You were kind and nice
You have a red beard
Accomplished a lot for the Muslim Ummah

Anver Beig was his name
Unique in every way

Published in “Weekly Mirror”
(April 27, 2005 issue)

By Mauizah Beig
To my dearest Tayya Abu...
”Takbeer Allahu Akbar"

Here as my tears flow freely
A picture forms in my mind
And I can see you lying there
Frozen in time
Your smile so genuine
So filled with pride
It hurt I know
Yet you won't tell a soul
The drugs the doctor prescribed,
you would not take
For sleep was not the answer
You desired from the pain
We all sat by you, we all cried
Yet you only smiled
And told us it was time
If I knew that time I saw you
That it would be the last
I would have run over
Hugged you and made you laugh
I'm so sorry...
I never said goodbye
I saw you at your funeral
As you lay in your coffin dressed in white
Lay there sleeping just like that last time
I wanted to kiss you, I wanted shake you
But I was too scared to even touch you
All I could do
Was stand there and cry.
As everyday passes by
I remember you more and more
As the days drift by
I love you so very much, I want you to know
But don't ever think I'll forget you
It isn't possible you know
For when one comes into one’s life
They’re never quite forgotten
And those who leave
Are imprinted within one's soul
And the soul is...what matters the most

Published in “Weekly Mirror”
(April 27, 2005 issue)

By Yasmeen Beig
In Loving Memory…

Allah (SWT) saw you were in exhaustion,
And a cure was no where to be seen,
So one night He whispered softly,
"I want you to come to me."
You knew there was a reason
Why Allah (SWT) wanted you so soon,
So you told the family lovingly,
Tonight may be the last time
That I will see the moon.
We watched your color fade away
Like a beautiful red rose
And reminisced on all those times,
That you would pinch our nose.
Although we loved you dearly,
And knew we could not make you stay,
The only thing we can do for you
Is make du'aa and pray.
Only Allah (SWT) can be the judge
To prove to all the rest,
Why Sooner or later
He always takes the best…

Published in “Weekly Mirror”
(April 27, 2005 issue)

Everyone have to taste the death. (Al-Qura'an)

No one have to live forever, even Prophets of Allah doesn't exist eternally. May God shower His blessings upon "Big Brother" and rest the departed soul in the "Jannah". Ameen!

Let us try to mould our lives in such a way that after our death;
omeone will dedicate a tribute-page like this for us.


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The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.

Muhammad Anver Beig

(Died on April 13, 2005)

Grave Marker of Anver Beig

The dread of something after death, the undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveler returns. (William Shakespeare)

"To fear death, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?" (Socrates)

  Highlights from Tributes 

He was truly an amazing person, always giving the right advice, doing things for others, respecting elders, and showing love to his children. One amazing talent he had was in keeping the family together. For instance, every now and then, he would have a family gathering just to keep the family close together. He loved his mother very much and all he wanted was for her to sit in front of him. He would then lovingly say to her, “This is my Hajj.”

(Rehana Kausar Beig- wife)

The most influential person to touch my life holistically from within and out. His handsome, ever-smiling face brought an amazing aura of brightness in his beautiful eyes. He was a very soft spoken and humble man who was a role model to everyone's lives he touched. A man of many qualities that showed his nurturing side.

(Ayesha Baig- daughter)

‘To Him do we belong, and to Him shall we return,’  [2:156]

Reflecting back at the time I shared with my beloved father, I can only remember his immense strength, patience, and Imaan. His passion for Islam, his unsurpassed courage, trust and fear of Allah are qualities that certainly defined his personality.

(M. Umar Farooq Beig- son)

He was such a good role model for them, as well as all the other people he met. He always made du'aa for all of the Muslim youth to stay strong in Iman and Islam. He used to say that our boys and girls are lighthouses, to guide people to Islam in the future.

(Nighat Fahim- sister)

Maamu, you have planted the roots in America and from those roots came the tree branches which we are. By looking at these branches it appears that you planted a good seed. I am honored to be related to someone like you. You have been labeled a self-made “God Father” like individual. However, with your self making I never saw selfishness. You have made all of us become better people in society financially, economically, and most importantly, Islamically.

(Yousaf Kashmiri- nephew)

As a pious, sympathetic, lenient, devoted, soft-hearted and well-mannered person, he was the ideal of hundreds. He was an unseen helping hand to many orphans, widows, students, patients, and needy persons. He was always willing to help poor parents to marry their daughters and never claimed appreciation in this respect. He was constantly respectful and attentive to everyone – young to old. As he was soft-spoken by nature, he successfully handled every situation wisely and tactfully. He loves reading books. His only request (and wish) to have something from Pakistan was Islamic books and Qura’an sets with English translation.

(M. Ajmal Beig Naz- cousin)

Such people are shining examples for generations to come. We should share his example with others who did not know him and especially to the new generations of Muslims so they can get inspiration from his life and works.

(Dr. Mohammad Yunus- friend)

His strong faith in God and the obvious love of his family certainly got him through his ordeal. Heaven surely has another angel now.

(Karen Olivers, RN- Oncology Clinic)

Mr. Beig was a very gentle man with a gentle heart. He was always appreciative of what we did and never complained even when he was having pain. I could see the love he had for his wife and children. It was my pleasure to serve him and take care of Mr. Beig. I know for sure he is in a much better place.

(Iris- Oncology Clinic)


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