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  Tributes by Media & Press 

A man I never got to meet (A Blog)
Irreparable Loss (by Shamim Siddiqi)
Islamic Horizons Magazine (Article)
Mirror International (Farewell) (Article)
Tribute in Urdu (by Faiq Siddiqi)
Tribute in Urdu (by Jamal Mohsin)


Media & Press...

An Article by First Pakistani Newspaper on the Internet since 1994

AMA Grieves Death of Anvar Beig

New York: The American Muslim Alliance (AMA), a national civic education organization with 101 chapters, has expressed profound grief at the death of Mr. Anvar Beig, editor and publisher of New York-based weekly newspaper Mirror International.

“Anvar Beig’s greatest gift was his subtle, almost imperceptible, ability to inspire others to do good in their individual lives,” AMA Chair Dr. Agha Saeed stated.

The AMA statement reads: “Mr. Anvar Beig was an unassuming man who didn’t seek personal fame but sought to benefit his community by increasing its awareness of key issues and by raising its social, moral and political consciousness. “He played an important role in building, institutionalizing, and mainstreaming a newspaper that was free of pettiness, mud slinging and gossip mongering. By focusing Mirror International on serious and substantive issues and by publishing well-known mainstream authors, Mr. Beig made sure that the American Muslim community is kept informed of important events, issues, and policies. “With his prodigious knowledge of Urdu, Persian and Arabic poetry he was a source of learning and joy for his friends and visitors. “We can pay him the highest compliment by continuing his tradition of selfless community service, institution-building and honest journalism.” 

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(May 06, 2005 issue)

The Weekly Mirror International
Muhammad Anver Beig: Farewell, Servant of Islam!

On April 13, at age 66, an illustrious servant of Allah traded the fleeting life of this world for an everlasting abode, toward the Highest Companion. He returned to Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, whom he served and loved in fear and hope. To his 6 children, he was a loving father par excellence, and a source of inspiration to the extended family; to the many hundreds who came to know him in the last 33 years in America, he was simply Anver Bhai, at once a dear brother and a trusted friend.

Brother Anver, as he was known, will be missed for his tireless Islamic work, warm friendship, and sincere advice. A worshipping foot soldier of God, he deeply loved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). On a Manhattan street more than 15 years ago, he thunderously condemned the defamation of the Prophet by Salman Rushdie. Afflicted by a serious illness in recent years, and perhaps aware of what lay ahead, Brother Anver became more concerned about the Muslim situation and increasingly focused on the Hereafter. When a friend counseled him patience, the soft-hearted man burst into tears and pleaded for prayers.

The youngest of his five daughters remarked that her father’s death came as a surprise to many he knew for he kept his illness to himself. He never complained about it, not even to his family. Born 66 years ago in Amritsar, in the Indian state of Punjab, Brother Anver migrated with his parents to Lahore, Pakistan, after the partition of India. He graduated with a law degree from the Punjab University and was awarded a gold medal for being the most distinguished student in his class. He moved to New York in 1972, with the family joining a year later. Having trained for the Islamic work with Jama’at-e-Islami in Pakistan, Brother Anver quickly connected with other Islamic workers in the adopted land. He joined the Queens, N.Y.-based, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and participated in many of its campaigns.

A student of Abul A’ala Maududi, one of the Indian subcontinent’s best known Muslim scholars, he had a sense of earnestness about tackling the decadence of Muslims. Brother Anver also was deeply touched by the powerful poetry and ideas of famed philosopher-poet Mohammed Iqbal. Convinced that the Islamic work needed outreach with other Muslims, he began to join forces with U.S. Muslim scholars and leaders to form a united front to promote Islamic causes and oppose anti-Muslim bigotry. That approach brought him in the forefront of opposition against Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses,” and the first U.S. invasion of Iraq. Later, he started a TV show, “Window to Islam”, which reached viewers in the New York tri-state area. But perhaps Brother Anver’s most ambitious project was the launching in 2001 of “Weekly Mirror International,” a well-produced newspaper that is now distributed in over 200 American and Canadian cities. The Mirror serves as an Islamic media and a reliable source for news that is often shunned by the American mass media. “He actually named it Mirror,” said his daughter, “because he wanted to show all the tyrants of the world their own hideous faces in a mirror.” The Mirror, she said, also was meant to “reflect on the reality of the Muslims…”. Brother Anver believed in the mission of the newspaper, pouring his own money to sustain its publication week after week, distributing it free to mosques, Islamic centers, colleges, universities, professional offices, restaurants and neighborhood stores. The newspaper operates with few ads, and shuns ads that do not meet Islamic standards of decency. All of this makes The Mirror a costly enterprise to run, but the Beig family is determined to continue the paper as a service to Muslims, just as Brother Anver had envisioned. Muslim-Americans have often complained about the lack of a well-heeled Islamic media in this country, yet many have shield away from supporting Muslim publications and programs. With 8-million-strong, Muslims can help establish their own media, one that pays its staff decent salaries and stands on its own financial strength.

Brother Anver’s vision of a powerful Islamic media is a shared dream; by helping realize it we would pay the best compliment to a man we all loved. In addition, we can create journalism scholarships for Muslim students who could serve for one year with The Mirror in return. We can also provide for paid internships at The Mirror or create endowment for promoting journalism and mass communication studies among American Muslims.

Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "When a person dies, all his deeds come to an end except three: sadaqah jaariyah (ongoing charity, a waqf or endowment), beneficial knowledge (which he has left behind), or a righteous child who will pray for him". His daughter said of her father, “praise be to God,” that “he has all three in his favor.” Brother Anver did things discreetly, often not telling his own family about his charitable deeds. Islam tells us that in the scorching heat of the Day of Judgment one of the people shaded by the Throne of Allah will be those whose left hand did not know what their right hand spent in charity.

The passing of Brother Anver reminds us that one day we also will return to Allah, who created mankind to test which of us is best in deeds. Death is the end of this life, but not life itself. We depart this world only to wake up in another. In the eternal life that awaits us, we join, according to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), those whom we loved in the ephemeral world. We all pray for Brother Anver to be in the Hereafter with those whom he loved: Allah, His Messenger and the sincere believers.

Published in “Weekly Mirror International” (April 27, 2005 issue)

An Article by "Islamic Horizons" Magazine

Servant of Islam
Muhammad Anver Beig

Muhammad Anver Beig, 66, publisher of the "Weekly Mirror International" died in New York, April 13, 2005, after a fight with leukemia. Over 1,500 people attended his funeral prayer.

A lawyer by training, who migrated to the U.S. in 1972, Anver Beig was a businessman dedicatedto the mission of sharing Islam with humanity. Born in Amritsar (India), he migrated as a child to Lahore after the 1947 partition that created India and Pakistan. He completed his undergraduate and law degrees and received a gold medal for outstanding grades from Punjab University in Lahore.

An active member of ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), he considered himself a student of Mawlana Abul Ala Mawdudi. He was also absolutely in love with Allama Iqbal and his poetry. His knowledge of Urdu and Persian poetry and literature was extensive.

Among the projects he initiated was an effort to unite scholars and learned people so that Muslims could take a unified stand on the issue of Saman Rushdies's "Santanic Verses." He started a TV show, "Window to Islam," which reached the New York Tri-state area. He followed this with the launch of the "Weekly Mirror International" as a response to the lack of relilable media sources for Muslims in America. He also distributed free copies of the Qur'an in masajid nationwide.

None of his projects were for personal gain or fame. His service to God was rendered silently and usually secretly. Anver Beig brought an extraordinary enthusiasm to any Islamic project he undertook, be in distributing literature or publishing a newspaper. He motivated others by his example.

He leaves behind a widow, five daughters and one son.

Published in the "Islamic Horizons" magazine (July/August 2005 issue)

An Article by Faiq Siddiqui, New York

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An Article by Mohsin Jamal, New York

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An Article by Shamim A. Siddiqi, New York.                                                

April 16, 2005 

Irreparable Loss to Muslim Community

On April 13, 2005, the Muslim community of the USA suffered a great LOSS when its two dynamic, devoted and committed workers and Da’ees to Islam died on the same day. They were Br. Zakaullah Pirzadah and Br. Anwar Baig. Under the situation when there is dearth of committed Islamic leadership in the community, their sudden departure in one day appears to be an irreparable loss to the Muslim community of America. Both were highly educated and had clear vision as how to introduce and spread the Deen of Allah in this country and to its people; how to call them to the fold of Allah and how to reach out to American people in their own environment and in their own language and through what means? Equally, how to motivate the Muslims of America to work for the same cause with total commitment? Though the objective of both the brothers was the same and identical but the approach and method was different as it depended on the availability of resources and opportunities to each.

 Br. Pirzadah was an environmentalist. He got better chances to introduce Islam to officers and high ups in the society. Originally he devoted his time in building the Muslim Center of New York, Flushing; initiated in presenting Islam to the people of the land through a regular weekly TV program; helped in organizing Annual Muslim Day Parade in Manhattan; opening effective dialogue with Jews and Christians through Inter-faith programs and then resorting to personal contacts with the prominent figures of both the communities. He was leaving no opportunity to come in contact and introduce them to Allah’s Deen. He became the symbol of Dawah Ilallah to Judeo-Christian community of America. In spite of his prolong sickness due to kidney failure, whenever and wherever he got the opportunity he availed it sometime being totally unmindful of his falling health. Once he committed to me when he got his new life that he will devote his entire life for spreading Allah’s Deen in this country with eloquent Islamic manners and ethical standards that Muslim must hold in the pluralistic society and he stood by that to the last. Very often we used to discuss together about the Dawah strategies in this country. He fulfilled his commitment to the moment he was in his senses. May Allah accept his efforts and pave the way for other Da’ees to work on these lines. He was dauntless in his Dawah efforts and was delivering the message of Islam with practical wisdom and foresightedness of a Mumin.

 My beloved Brother Muhammad Anver Beig was equally a great potential Da’ee Ilallah. All the characteristics of a Da’ee were present in him. He was MA and a law graduate from the University of Lahore. He was well versed in Islam. From his student life he was actively involved in Dawah activities. It went on increasing by leaps and bound when he became an integral part of the Islamic Movement of Pakistan. He loved Iqbal and his poetry and equally, was extremely fond of Mohtram Maulana Syed A. Maududi (RA) and his movement. Br. Anwar Baig had a great mission to get the abridged edition of Tafhimul Qur’an published in American English. He spent a lot of money for this project but could not get it completed due to various reasons that were beyond his control.

 Br Anver Beig had a clear mission to introduce and spread the Deen of Allah in this country but in an organized manner. He was actively involved with ICNA, the Islamic Movement of America as Member of its General Assembly. Though he was never its office bearer but he helped it in getting its Head Quarter established in Jamaica and financed its many projects on regular basis. He along with other movement oriented brothers convinced me to re-join ICNA. His entire family was with him in supporting the cause of Islam and of the movement. He made his only beloved son Muhammad Umar Beig to memorize the Qur’an and he led the Janaza prayers of his father. He was an instrumental in getting his daughters highly educated. He started the Weekly Mirror and involved his son and daughters in setting and getting the paper on time for the last four years. He invested about a quarter million dollars to get it running and coming out on time. I am sure that after his sad demise, his brother Tariq Beig will continue that monumental effort in memory of his elder brother. Br Anver Beig was a very devoted “Khadim” of the Qur’an. Besides his effort to get the translation of the Qur’an published, he took active part in mailing and distributing copies of the Qur’an to thousands of people who were desirous to go through it.     

 He was a successful building contractor. He spended his hard earned money, on the one hand in meeting the demands of “Sila-e- Rahmi” to all his brothers, sisters, near and far of relatives and friends but on the other hand he was spending his money generously for all eventful causes of Muslim Ummah and the Islamic Movement of America. He financed the anti Salman Rashdi movement against his book: “Satanic Verses”, the Protest march against the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo. He helped different Muslim communities in building mosques. He started a land development project on partnership basis in the name of “Madinah” projects but due to some brother’s unscrupulous behavior, it was a loss and the sharing partners were very much aggrieved. But by using his own money he got some land recovered, developed  and paid the people’s money back to them from its sale proceed when it was considered as totally lost by each one of them. It was an extraordinary honest feat of performance by Late Br Anver Beig and we all felt gratified to him immensely.

 In true sense of the term, Br Anwar Baig was a Da’ee Ilallah who fulfilled the criterion of Iman that is described in Verse 15 of Surah al-Hujrat: “The believers are those who believe in Allah and His Messengers and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah. Such are the sincere [truthful]”  He earned through honest means, spend it in the way of Allah as ordained  by Him and for His pleasure and left the world with good wishes from all whom came in contact with him. It seems to be a difficult situation to be filled up by anyone so soon. But it is Allah who can fill up the gap from amongst his progenies.

 May Allah bless his soul, pardon his sins, if any, multiply the reward of his good deeds manifold, grant him Jannatul Firdaus, give solace to his wife, children, brothers and great number of friends and Rufaqua who have buried him on last Friday with tears rolling on their cheeks and hearts bursting with sorrow. Amen!


An Article (Blog) posted by a Muslim Brother
(username: oneloveallah)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A man I never got to meet

We live in a world today that is run from 9 to 5 with a 30 min break in the middle. Much of our life is spent either at work, school, or being stuck in traffic! With a tight schedule we often spend time on planning for what to do tomorrow while unfortunately forgetting what is needed for today. Money will only take us so far in life until we start failing unless we have a proper direction, a sense of guidance. The Prophet (SA) was a walking and talking Quran so his actions were his best examples of guidance to others. But if you look at today’s world very few people think of the affect they have on others. Very few people aim to perfect their lives so that they may be as a guide to others, or like a mentor.

Allhamdulillah there was this one brother whom I unfortunately never met. “He served as a major inspiration” mentions Azeem Khan on his website. Anver Beig was one of the few individuals that brought a smile on peoples faces when his name was brought up. He was an exception to this 9 to 5 rule and "took time out to welcome the young and the old to discuss their views and ideas". He passed away in April but his work is still appreciated by many as Mirror International ( is one of the few muslim newspapers in the US. Many eulogies become sentimental and sugar coated to praise the individual that passed away. But from what I have heard he not only cared for his own akhirah but also the hereafter of many others. He was a great example and a role model to many of the brothers I personally know and may Allah (SWT) guide all of us on the straight path and give us the ability to help others along the way…


Everyone have to taste the death. (Al-Qura'an)

No one have to live forever, even Prophets of Allah doesn't exist eternally. May God shower His blessings upon "Big Brother" and rest the departed soul in the "Jannah". Ameen!

Let us try to mould our lives in such a way that after our death;
omeone will dedicate a tribute-page like this for us.


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The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.

Muhammad Anver Beig

(Died on April 13, 2005)

Grave Marker of Anver Beig

The dread of something after death, the undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveler returns. (William Shakespeare)

"To fear death, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?" (Socrates)

  Highlights from Tributes 

He was truly an amazing person, always giving the right advice, doing things for others, respecting elders, and showing love to his children. One amazing talent he had was in keeping the family together. For instance, every now and then, he would have a family gathering just to keep the family close together. He loved his mother very much and all he wanted was for her to sit in front of him. He would then lovingly say to her, “This is my Hajj.”

(Rehana Kausar Beig- wife)

The most influential person to touch my life holistically from within and out. His handsome, ever-smiling face brought an amazing aura of brightness in his beautiful eyes. He was a very soft spoken and humble man who was a role model to everyone's lives he touched. A man of many qualities that showed his nurturing side.

(Ayesha Baig- daughter)

‘To Him do we belong, and to Him shall we return,’  [2:156]

Reflecting back at the time I shared with my beloved father, I can only remember his immense strength, patience, and Imaan. His passion for Islam, his unsurpassed courage, trust and fear of Allah are qualities that certainly defined his personality.

(M. Umar Farooq Beig- son)

He was such a good role model for them, as well as all the other people he met. He always made du'aa for all of the Muslim youth to stay strong in Iman and Islam. He used to say that our boys and girls are lighthouses, to guide people to Islam in the future.

(Nighat Fahim- sister)

Maamu, you have planted the roots in America and from those roots came the tree branches which we are. By looking at these branches it appears that you planted a good seed. I am honored to be related to someone like you. You have been labeled a self-made “God Father” like individual. However, with your self making I never saw selfishness. You have made all of us become better people in society financially, economically, and most importantly, Islamically.

(Yousaf Kashmiri- nephew)

As a pious, sympathetic, lenient, devoted, soft-hearted and well-mannered person, he was the ideal of hundreds. He was an unseen helping hand to many orphans, widows, students, patients, and needy persons. He was always willing to help poor parents to marry their daughters and never claimed appreciation in this respect. He was constantly respectful and attentive to everyone – young to old. As he was soft-spoken by nature, he successfully handled every situation wisely and tactfully. He loves reading books. His only request (and wish) to have something from Pakistan was Islamic books and Qura’an sets with English translation.

(M. Ajmal Beig Naz- cousin)

Such people are shining examples for generations to come. We should share his example with others who did not know him and especially to the new generations of Muslims so they can get inspiration from his life and works.

(Dr. Mohammad Yunus- friend)

His strong faith in God and the obvious love of his family certainly got him through his ordeal. Heaven surely has another angel now.

(Karen Olivers, RN- Oncology Clinic)

Mr. Beig was a very gentle man with a gentle heart. He was always appreciative of what we did and never complained even when he was having pain. I could see the love he had for his wife and children. It was my pleasure to serve him and take care of Mr. Beig. I know for sure he is in a much better place.

(Iris- Oncology Clinic)


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