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County Award

Bio-data of Muhammad Anver Beig
for the Nomination of
Suffolk County Award

Guest Page
Shared by Fatimah Noor Beig
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Great People never dies...

Bio-data for the nomination...

Drafted by:
Maryam Noor Beig & Zahra Noor Beig

Muhammad Anver Beig was an extraordinary man, a man whose devotion to his family was always clearly evident. He was gentle, patient, affectionate, and eloquent. His service and dedication to Muslim causes in Suffolk County, and indeed through the country is testified to by the numerous projects he initiated and supported over the years.

Born in Amritsar, India, he migrated as a child to Lahore, Pakistan after the 1947 partition that created India and Pakistan. He completed his undergraduate and law degrees at Punjab University and received a gold medal for being the most distinguished student in his class. A lawyer by training, he came to the U.S. in 1972 where he pursued business as his line of work, while on the side he showed his dedication to the mission of sharing with humanity the one thing which he loved most: his faith, Islam.

Never a man to sit idly, he quickly connected with other local Muslims soon after his arrival in the U.S. and joined the Queens-based Islamic Circle of North America, an organization he supported financially while participating in many of its campaigns and efforts. His time and efforts were also spent in personally and financially serving the Muslim communities in Bay Shore, Selden, Valley Stream, Westbury, and other areas in the city and beyond.

Throughout his life, his family recalls endearingly, it was rare to find him without a book, newspaper, or magazine in his hands. He'd always be reading and reflecting not just on religion and the purpose of his life, but also on politics, the economy, and social issues. He was a true ambassador of learning.

From 1999-2001, he ran his own TV show entitled 'Window to Islam' which reached viewers in the NY tri-state area. His most ambitious project and indeed the one thing he's remembered most for was his launch, in 2001, of "Mirror International", a newspaper created and developed to fill the void of reliable media sources for Muslims in America. At its peak, Mirror International prided itself on reaching over 2,000 mosques and homes in over 200 cities across the United States. The list of his many contributions can go on and on.

Sadly, after a long two-year battle with cancer, Beig died in the company of family on April 13th of 2005.  He left a widow, six children, and six grandchildren. His wife has become a proud grandmother to four addition bundles of joy since.

Beig has certainly been missed for his tireless efforts in furthering the cause of the Muslim community on Long Island, which were never for personal gain or fame. He is missed for his extraordinary enthusiasm he brought to any project he undertook. He is missed for his love of knowledge, for motivating others by his example, and for his support of the youth, who remember him still for his encouraging nature. He is missed by family and friends alike. Over 1,500 people attended his funeral prayer at the Muslim Center of Long Island in Bay Shore on April 14, 2005.

Indeed it's rare to find an individual with a personality of such a high caliber.  It is certain, therefore, that Beig will be remembered for a long time to come.

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Speech at the time of receiving the plaque on behalf of...
Muhammad Anver Beig
on 21st November 2008 at H. Lee Dennison Building Plaza, Houppauge, NY

Delivered by: 
Fatimah Noor Beig & Zahra Noor Beig

It is a great privilege and honor to accept this award on behalf of our father, Muhammad Anver Beig.

Everyone who knew and loved our father testify that he was an extraordinary man who exhibited an enormous amount of selflessness, compassion, gratitude and patience.

He was an avid learner, and an intellectual man who was a deeply committed and passionate community activist. He instilled within us a the same desire to be involved in our own respective communities.

One of his amazing qualities was that he never wanted recognition for anything while he was alive but rather always thanked Allah and attributed any of his accomplishments to Allah's bounties.

May Allah reward him immensely and may this award be a means for others to learn about him and be inspired and encouraged by his story.

Please keep our family in your prayers. May Allah help us to follow in our father's footsteps. Thank you very much for this honor. Jazak Allahu Khair.

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Editor's Note:
Fatimah Noor Beig is the YM Leader of the Year, 2005.

Read her interview at YM site.


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The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.

Muhammad Anver Beig

(Died on April 13, 2005)

Grave Marker of Anver Beig

The dread of something after death, the undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveler returns. (William Shakespeare)

"To fear death, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?" (Socrates)

  Highlights from Tributes 

He was truly an amazing person, always giving the right advice, doing things for others, respecting elders, and showing love to his children. One amazing talent he had was in keeping the family together. For instance, every now and then, he would have a family gathering just to keep the family close together. He loved his mother very much and all he wanted was for her to sit in front of him. He would then lovingly say to her, “This is my Hajj.”

(Rehana Kausar Beig- wife)

The most influential person to touch my life holistically from within and out. His handsome, ever-smiling face brought an amazing aura of brightness in his beautiful eyes. He was a very soft spoken and humble man who was a role model to everyone's lives he touched. A man of many qualities that showed his nurturing side.

(Ayesha Baig- daughter)

‘To Him do we belong, and to Him shall we return,’  [2:156]

Reflecting back at the time I shared with my beloved father, I can only remember his immense strength, patience, and Imaan. His passion for Islam, his unsurpassed courage, trust and fear of Allah are qualities that certainly defined his personality.

(M. Umar Farooq Beig- son)

He was such a good role model for them, as well as all the other people he met. He always made du'aa for all of the Muslim youth to stay strong in Iman and Islam. He used to say that our boys and girls are lighthouses, to guide people to Islam in the future.

(Nighat Fahim- sister)

Maamu, you have planted the roots in America and from those roots came the tree branches which we are. By looking at these branches it appears that you planted a good seed. I am honored to be related to someone like you. You have been labeled a self-made “God Father” like individual. However, with your self making I never saw selfishness. You have made all of us become better people in society financially, economically, and most importantly, Islamically.

(Yousaf Kashmiri- nephew)

As a pious, sympathetic, lenient, devoted, soft-hearted and well-mannered person, he was the ideal of hundreds. He was an unseen helping hand to many orphans, widows, students, patients, and needy persons. He was always willing to help poor parents to marry their daughters and never claimed appreciation in this respect. He was constantly respectful and attentive to everyone – young to old. As he was soft-spoken by nature, he successfully handled every situation wisely and tactfully. He loves reading books. His only request (and wish) to have something from Pakistan was Islamic books and Qura’an sets with English translation.

(M. Ajmal Beig Naz- cousin)

Such people are shining examples for generations to come. We should share his example with others who did not know him and especially to the new generations of Muslims so they can get inspiration from his life and works.

(Dr. Mohammad Yunus- friend)

His strong faith in God and the obvious love of his family certainly got him through his ordeal. Heaven surely has another angel now.

(Karen Olivers, RN- Oncology Clinic)

Mr. Beig was a very gentle man with a gentle heart. He was always appreciative of what we did and never complained even when he was having pain. I could see the love he had for his wife and children. It was my pleasure to serve him and take care of Mr. Beig. I know for sure he is in a much better place.

(Iris- Oncology Clinic)


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