Tribute to Muhammad Anver Beig, USA May God be pleased with him. Ameen!
Tributes on Ist Anniversary 

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  Tributes on Ist Anniversary 

Aishah Baig
Ajmal Beig Naz
Aqsah Beig
Baig Kids
Fizza Sheikh Butt
Khadijah H. Beig
Maryam & Fatimah Beig
Mauizah Beig

Nawab Beig
Nighat Fahim Mahmood
Rehana Anver Beig
Saadia Umer Beig
Yasmeen Beig
Yousaf Kashmiri
Zahra Noor Beig


Try to mould your life in such a way that after your death;
eople comment you in good sense and follow your path for their destiny.

  Words from a Mother
By Nawab Beig

All thanks are due to Allah subhanah wa ta’ala. I didn’t know that this time would come. I’m his own mother and I’m taking in such cold breaths thinking if only I could see him again. Only a mother can know what I feel. May Allah grant him Jannah-the highest of the highest stations. I wish Allah could show him to me and the other children I lost when they were young. Many people from our family have gone before. He must be meeting all of them now including his own son who was only alive a few hours. They didn’t even have time to name him, but we all call him Riza Elahi. It was Allah’s will to take him away so soon. It is the same will of Allah that He took my beautiful son.  His deepest wish was for all Muslims to be united as brothers and sisters and that they read the Qur’an, memorize it, observe their prayers—all Muslims, young and old. It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children right from wrong. But, I never had to teach him anything. He was so good. Allah had sent an angel to me.The world would come to see his beauty when he was born and after as well. The world never saw a man so beautiful at heart. No one knows this better than me. I was his mother, and he was my son.

My Husband’s Noble Vision
By Rehana Anver Beig

It’s been a year, but it feels like t’s been hundreds of years. On the other hand, it feels like just yesterday because that’s how vividly I remember it all. My husband’s main qualities were his love for Allah subhana wa ta’ala, his devotion to books, his devotion to family, his sincere dedication to Islam, his heart’s desire to unite the Muslims. It used to break his heart that the Muslims weren’t united—that the only thing people cared about was their own selves. He always used to tell the children and also his own siblings that we should forgive and forget and not dwell too long on something that isn’t worth it n the larger scheme of things. His life is a model for us to follow. He used to never waste any time and urged everyone to spend their time wisely as well. He was the best example to follow in this aspect. Not a moment in his life was wasted. If he wasn’t studying or learning, then he was reading his collection of du’as or just praising and thanking Allah subhana wa ta’ala.He was always willing to give his time, efforts, and money to different causes, but never his name. He never sought fame or position, but preferred to keep things only between himself and Allah subhana wa ta’ala. He would always tell me to dedicate my own life to the struggle in the path of Allah suba hana wa ta’ala. He would constantly pray for our family. He was a beautiful human being. Allah had given him a lot of hapiness and success in this world and then severe affliction, which took hold of him, but was met with only patience and gratitude to Allah. All he ever wanted was for all of the family to be together in this world and the next. He must be sitting in heaven waiting for us now.We have to remember that this life is so short, and that we will get in the next life only that which we earned in this world—so is it really worth it to fight, to push others down, to hurt others, or to create differences? It is not worth it. It is best to forgive and forget. We should make du’a that Allah subhana wa ta’ala takes some good from our lives before we pass away. The worst loser would be he who loses this world and loses the next as well. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala help us to realize this before it is our time to go.  May Allah help me and my children and all of the Muslims to live ou lives for Him, and may He take from us the works which will be most pleasing to Him. Ameen.

My Memories of My Dad and Me
By Aishah Baig

To this day, I cannot imagine that it has almost been a year that Abu has not been with us. His laughter, smile, and warmth is what I miss the most. His presence in the room glowed with an aura of Nur. Abu was the best example of a true Mumin. He was truly an amazing man who had more to give and never expected to be given back. Abu has been an inspiration to me and has set an excellent example to my children. My children always talk about and remember the great moments with Abu. Alhumdulilah, I am very grateful that the children had an opportunity to learn great qualities and have fun with Abu. It is these special qualities that the children will use for the rest of their lives. Living so far away from home, I was not able to see Abu as much. I had always talked to him on the phone. It was not the same. But at least I knew that if I heard his voice and knew he was there, that everything would be okay. When I was informed of his health deteriorating, I went with my husband and children to New York. The moment I saw him wheeled in the stretcher from the ambulance, my thoughts were: how can a man so vibrant and full of life become so fragile and helpless? My heart went out to him. The moment our eyes met, I felt my world stand still, only for a moment, but you know what, in spite of his state, Abu still had that twinkle in his eye that will always stay in my mind forever and always. Abu just looked at me and smiled. I saw him draw his hands together to thank Allah that he was blessed to see his family come to see him from Chicago. I knew that he was very happy to see my family. My children saw their grandfather, the tears in Abu’s eyes that moment of them seeing him showed me that he was relieved that the grandkids had finally come. Another memory that I wanted to share was before I left to go back home, I was speaking to my father, and I started crying; I was claiming that I did not do anything for him, by means of Khidmat. He looked at me with the warmth in his eyes, and motioned for me to come closer. I went near him and embraced my father. He said, “I am so proud of you. You have dealt with patience and understanding by keeping your husband and in-laws happy; that shows that I gave you the best values, and you are showing me through taking care of your family in an honorable manner. What more do I need, my daughter; you have shown me great honor in keeping your family happy. You will be rewarded greatly for what you are doing. I am not, nor ever will be, sad that you did not care for me. I know that you always thought of me, even when you were in Chicago, and that is enough for me. I am so grateful to have had a beautiful and caring daughter who always thinks of others first, and then herself. At that moment, I had felt relieved that my father was truly happy with me. There was a sense of contentment.

I wanted to mention that, MashaAllah, the Sabr that was instilled in all of us was a gift that was given to the family, by none other than Abu Gee. Abu Gee was a gift from Allah, which can never be replaced or forgotten and will always be remembered. I can see the patience that our
Mom has had. I know that no one can understand what she has experienced. May Allah make it easier for her and give her patience. Truly, the patient will be rewarded in Akhirah with Jannah. I know that Amee and Abu will re-unite in Jannah and be together forever. May Allah reward our Mom for the utmost patience for what she has been going through. However, this I know: Abu’s tireless efforts in keeping the family united has brought us closer together. When I think about what inspired me the most, it is very difficult to put into words about what I feel. Just being the person that he was is an inspiration in itself. All of Abu’s actions and words are an inspiration, an example of a true and faithful believer, a true servant of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. He is a person who lived by the Qur’an and Sunnah. Abu’s kind and sincere ways of dealing with everyone can never be forgotten. To inspire one is by acting solely as what a person is in this world for. This life is but a test, but how one completes the task and obstacles along the way is the biggest test with the greatest reward possible. Living for the pleasure of Allah was what Abu did and that is what inspires me the most.

Tribute to Our Darling Dad
By his Twinkies, Maryam and Fatimah Beig

The indelible mark that our dear father has left on our lives has allowed us to ponder his vision so that we can strive to live our lives dedicated to the Deen of Allah subhana wa ta’ala through the example he set for us. Ayear has passed since Allah subhana wa ta’ala called His beloved servant to Him. We write this tribute in memory of this humble servant in order so that we may revive the ideals that were so important to the man we were blessed by Allah to call our father. Alhamdulillah. Two aspects we would like to focus on that come to mind when thinking about matters that were of importance to him were the importance of engaging in shura in family life and encouragement for us to become active in the work for the Deen. MashaAllah, our father instilled in us a great sense of family values. Allah subhana wa ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’an: “And give his due to the near of kin, as well as to the needy and the wayfarer, but do not squander [your substance] senselessly” (17:26). Our father always attempted to keep our family united. He was the glue that stuck us together.With his own father passing away, leaving behind his young children, over thirty years ago, our father played the role of a father figure to his siblings as the eldest and sponsored his mother and siblings to come to America. SubhanAllah, because of him, we have over 200 family members living in America. When his family issues arose, our father would deal with the issues with great patience, wisdom, and grace. Everyone from family to friends respected him and loved him dearly. In the Qur’an, Allah subhana wata’ala says: “amruhum shura bainahum” (42:38). “…And consult with one another between yourselves.” In the case of many households today, there is little communication between parents and children. Our father always wanted us home every evening to eat together at the dinner table at which time he would encourage healthy discourse between all the family members. He did not mind us to give our differing viewpoints, but was the master mediator. He encouraged shura and respected the opinions of each and every one of us, young and old.

SubhanAllah, our family would sit and have shura meetings at least once a week. Alhamdulillah, we still carry out this practice now, but now with our brother, who has learned a lot from our father. Even while our father was in the hospital, we would gather at the same time and have dinner with our father and discuss family issues.Our father always encouraged everyone to speak up and gave us our moments to say whatever was on our mind. Mirror was always a topic of conversation. Many times, we would tell our father that things were fine and that the meetings were not necessary, but our father made these family meetings a point to take time out from our hectic lives in order to spend time with one another. Our father remained unbiased and showed fairness in dealings with everyone. He was a peacemaker and always strived to please everyone. Through good times and bad, our father engrained in our hearts and minds that Allah subhana wa ta’ala provides for all of us. He implored us to ask from Allah subhana wa ta’ala and always reminded us of the favors Allah subhana wa ta’ala bestowed upon our family, Alhamdulillah. Our father always made us cognizant of all those who are less fortunate than us.

Growing up, he would mention repeatedly for us not to waste anything, whether it be water, electricity, or food. He would remind us that Allah subhan wa ta’ala would ask us how we spent our money and also encouraged us to give for the sake of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and to spend our money wisely. Our father always stressed for us to use our time more efficiently and always pleaded with us to open a book and read, ponder, and educate ourselves. There was hardly a time when our father was without a book. Even during his hospital stay, he would ask for us to search for specific books for him to read. We would have difficulty finding them, but our father was our librarian; he knew exactly where each book was located in the house. Our father also wanted us to remain active in Islamic work through Young Muslims, the youth movement under the organization that he whole-heartedly supported, ICNA. He not only gave us positive reinforcement, but he also gave us monetary support when our organization was struggling with funds.

Our father would always give us experiences on how to be effective Islamic workers.He always practiced what he preached. He devoted his whole life to Islam and to the deen of Allâh. Even as a child, our grandmother told us that he would be scolded for speeding away on his skooter to listen to Islamic lectures! Even on the day of his wedding, our father drove out to see one of his role models, Syed Abul A’la Maududi (may Allah have mercy on him) speak. Our dear father had a strong faith in the Muslim youth today. He was proud of our work, and he did everything in his capability to lend us a helping hand. He said that the Muslim youth are lighthouses to guide people to Islam. He always spoke beautifully, sometimes in poetry and many times figuratively and with analogies. Due to his insistence in remaining involved in Islamic work, each and every member of our family became active members of ICNA and YM in efforts to establish the Deen. Throughout college, he encouraged us to remain active in Islamic work and coordinate not only lectures but also jumu’ah prayers on campus. He never made empty requests. As busy as he was with his construction business and numerous Islamic projects, our father made it a priority to help us in our MSA work.

At the hospital, the nurses would say how fortunate our father was to have a family who loved him so dearly and would be at his bedside around the clock. The fact of the matter is that our father was the most influential person in our lives. Through his constant love and support, he brought meaning to our lives. His family was his life and by carrying out his vision and ideals, we made him very proud. Our beloved father always said we brought joy to his life and that whenever we were with him, he would say “I feel like I’m in heaven!” May Allah subhana wa ta’ala increase his ranks in Jannatul Firdows. People from far and away attended his janazah prayer and were a witness to his great character. He impacted our lives greatly and his legacy lives on through all those he inspired. We pledge to honor our dear father’s legacy by continuing his projects as a sadaqa jariya for him, InshaAllah. May we all depart this world with the same honor and dignity in the sight of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Ameen.

Better Than The Best
By Zahra Noor Beig

“There’s so much to do and so little time.” That’s one of the things my father would always say; and all I can think of now as I write is that there’s so much to say and so little space. One year ago, I wrote an article about my father in which I focused on his character. My piece this time has a different aim: to not only remember his character, but to call for others to emulate it as well. Muhammad Anver Beig, my dearest Abu Jee, was an inspiring individual. His entire life is an example for me and for everyone who knew him. My dad lived for Allah, for truth, for justice and for peace. There was no greater love that drove him than his love for the blessed Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. And there was no greater desire in his heart than to see the ummah united. The present state of the ummah caused my father so much grief, but the difference between him and most other people was that he did something about it. He wasn’t one to wallow in misery or self pity (as became evident when he was stricken with illness). When a situation in the world gave me particular hurt, as I wept, he said to me humorously, “Only cry to the extent that you become an active Islamic worker. Don’t just keep crying!!” My father knew well the aayah in which Allah tells us that He will not change the condition of a people unless they change themselves [13:11]. This is the message which he tried to instill in his children and which he tried to convey to the masses. Whether the plight of the Muslims today is a self inflicted wound or a test from Allah is not what’s important, but rather it is the fact that we must dig ourselves out of this hole which is of utmost importance. Allah created man from clay for no other purpose than to worship Him yet the Muslim world, much similar to the rest of it, has become so decadent. What could be the solution to all of these problems? These were issues which he pondered about. The solution which he thought up was simple: to arm the people with knowledge. This idea, dear reader, gave birth to the newspaper in your hands. It also was the inspiration with which he distributed thousands of Qur’anic tafaseer throughout the country’s masajid anonymously and free of charge. And it was also the inspiration with which he helped finance and give his time to countless other projects.

As I look back today at all of the things he accomplished in life, I ask myself if he had any clue of the ripples which would form around the world from the stones he threw. Then I remember the day in which he told me a story to encourage me to do work for this newspaper. He told me to imagine the day when we all will return to Allah and that on that very day we will see an amazing pile of treasures – all with our names on them. He told me that we would then ask Allah what these treasures were for, and at this point my beautiful father began to weep as he said to me that Allah will reply, “This is for the work you did for Mirror.” I pray that my father found his mountains of treasures, and that these mountains continue to multiply until the Last Day. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if all of us could find such treasures waiting for us? It is not idle work which will get us to that point. Many strokes will eventually overthrow the tallest oaks. May Allah give us the courage, wisdom and ability that we may follow the example of people such as my father and use their lives as an inspiration to our own, to become, as my daddy always said, “better than the best.”

My Father-In-Law’s Legacy Lives On
By Saadia Z. Yunus

Thinking about my father-in-law’s legacy, I realize that all I have to do is to look around, and his legacy exists all around me. His words, his smile, his gentle kisses on the hand all live within my memory and I hold every single moment with him dear to my heart. However, to truly remember him is to look beyond the memory, beyond the loss, beyond the tears and to reflect on his impact on our lives. There are bits and pieces of his legacy that live on in my own life, one being his love for the Qur’an and gaining knowledge. Everyone can testify that he forever had a book in hand with a pencil to underline and jot down vital points. The importance of knowledge was well-ingrained in his mind, and what I learned just by observing him was that not even a moment should be wasted on this temporary life. We have no time to lose. Each second should be spent in a way that will benefit our Hereafter. Taking this thought from him and moving forward, I learned the importance of gaining the knowledge of the Qur’an and teaching it to others. We cannot even count how many copies of the Qur’an people have received through his hands. The enormous amount of sadaqah jaariah for him continues, and thus, I strive to earn my own form of it (and for my own parents) as well, by teaching others the Word of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Whenever I come to an ayah about patience or persevering in Allah’s obedience, being grateful for Allah’s blessings, my awe-inspiring father-in-law always comes to mind and thus, I have the beautiful opportunity of conveying his story to others, whether by mentioning his name, or making the incident anonymous, the way he liked it to be himself.

Personally, the biggest living legacy I have of him is in my own beloved child, Hayaa Iman Beig. One thing I will never forget my father-in-law telling me was that through me, his bloodline would continue. I was expecting Hayaa at the time and those words of his meant too much to me that my eyes immediately filled with tears, knowing that he would never see his line come to life. Every moment we look at our little Hayaa, we see his face, his smile, his words of love. We want her to know what an amazing man her grandfather was and as she grows, InshaAllah, she will have a father to tell her everything about this truly amazing individual and a mother who will attempt to as well, with the utmost admiration. This will be his legacy—instilling in Hayaa his qualities of patience, kindness, and true love of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and the Rasul salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. Making her understand where she has come from, the man who has taught her father so much, the man who her father strives to be like, will be continuing his legacy.

My beloved father-in-law, who is always smiling at me and encouraging me to never give up in my dreams, gives me a determination when I wake up to a new day to strive to attain the beautiful qualities of his character, to make this Mirror thrive, to convey the knowledge of the Qur’an to others, to work in and support Young Muslims, to try my utmost to be a helpful daughter-in-law to his wife, a supportive companion to his one and only son, a loving mother to his granddaughter, and most of all, a humble servant of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala help us all in following in Muhammad Anver Beig’s phenomenal footsteps and reunite us with him in Jannah-tul-Firdaus. Ameen.

My Role Model
By Nighat Fahim Mahmood and Family

Role models are individuals who inspire others to look up to them. They possess qualities and characteristics that everyone desires and behave in ways that motivate people to do the same. True role models advocate their beliefs and goals through their own actions. They cause others to want to be just like them. Real role models are precious, scarce, and invaluable. They are who you and I look up to and try our best
to be like. Yet many of us do not really think about who our role models are on a daily basis. We often find ourselves wanting to be like our friends or even celebrities. This is because in today’s day and age, there are very few role models for Muslims to look up to. Of course, we have the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam to follow, and the examples of the Sahabah and others throughout history who worked for the cause of Islam. But some of us need real life examples of people that we know, those role models who have lived in our time and know the circumstances that we live in, and were still good Muslims.

MashaAllah, there are many individuals today that are remarkable. They are fit to be true role models for every Muslim, not just the youth. They spend their days working for our Deen Islam, yet still find time to live happy and pious lives. As I think of these people (who, MashaAllah are too great a number to mention by name) I am also reminded of a certain person who passed away a year ago. He was my big brother, Muhammad Anver Beig, and was not only a wonderful person, but also my role model. Muhammad Anver Beig is a role model not just for me, but for all Muslims here in the United States. He possessed all the traits of a true role model. He was an individual who was remembered by everyone due to his kind words, keen intellect, and beautiful personality. He was polite and nice to everyone, not just me and our family. Through his example, he taught me the best way to interact with others. My brother Anver was patient, fair, gentle, and generous. One could feel his spiritual happiness and peace just by being around him. He loved his Lord, his religion and his family very much. All his actions in life demonstrated this. My brother Anver lived Islam in all aspects in his life. He was a role model for me in the aspect of education. He was an intellectual with a thirst for knowledge. He was always reading a book and sharing what he learned with all of us. Just by doing this, my brother Anver showed me that seeking knowledge both of this world and of our religion Islam was very important. Through his efforts, he showed me how rewarding education really was. I always wanted to follow his example, and with his help, went to college and learned more about Islam when I was young. I always saw him reading books on the Qur’an and on other subjects. Whatever he read, I wanted to read too. I remember one day, he came to e when I was busy studying for a college exam. He handed me a Meaning of Qur’an by Maulana Maududi, a book that he knew that I had desired to own for a long time. This gift was so beautiful because not only did my brother fulfill my wish, but he also presented me with a book I have strived to understand and live all my life, a tool to becoming a better Muslim. I still have that Qur’an to this day, and cherish it because it shows the love that my brother Anver had not only for his family, but also for Islam. As I have already said, he showed tremendous love to me and our whole extended family, just as an exceptional Muslim would. He was soft and sweet like our father, whom he loved and respected all his life. Another way that my brother showed how much he cared about us was when took me and our mother for Hajj, although he had already fulfilled that duty on his own beforehand. He also wanted to see the great historical monuments of the past, since he loved history so much. So afterwards, he took us to Granada to see the magnificent mosque that the Spanish Muslims built so long ago. He always desired that Muslims today would reach greatness like those in the past. That is why he always encouraged everyone he met to strengthen their Iman and knowledge so that we could accomplish good things for Muslims all over the world. My brother Anver wanted us to represent Islam through our good deeds and positive actions. 

My brother Anver used to donate money to thousands of charities and mosques. He funded a multitude of Islamic organizations and efforts. He used to ship thousands of Qur’ans all across the world, so that everyone could have a chance to read and understand the Holy Book that he loved so much. When I saw him doing all of this, it made me want to do it too. I admired him for his generosity and selflessness. He did all this, and much, much more while living in this society during the modern  times. He showed us through his example that we could spread Islam and live as good Muslims anywhere and anytime in the world, even in difficult times and places like non-Muslim societies his aim in life was to earn Allah’s pleasure, and through his actions, he motivated me to take this as my goal also. It is hard to believe that a year has passed since he left us to meet our Creator. Yet I can still see his legacy live on. This newspaper is still being published every week, and it all began due to his efforts. Those mosques and charities are still benefiting from all the money he donated. All the people that he gave Qur’ans to are still reading them and remembering his kindness. Those who knew him intimately are still profiting from knowing him, from having heard his words, from having observed his wonderful actions, and from following his example. Everyone still remembers him and reminisces about the times that they shared with him. We all miss him. We all want to be like him. We all love him. And that just proves his exemplary character and his position as a true role model.

Baig Kids
My Memory of Nana Abu - Zainab Naeem Baig, Age 11
I am truly blessed to have had the most time with Nana Abu. He was the kindest man. I remember his famous hugs and smiles. When I was little, I used to be scared, but when I got a little older, I got better and knew that he loved me. I remember the time one ISNA convention when we were at the hotel eating lollipops with Nana Abu. I have the picture of him with all of us sitting on the bed and eating lollipops. Nana Abu loved trips and eating out.So do I, but not flying really.

My Papa Po (Nana Abu) - Saarah Baig, Age 4
I love my Papa Po and miss him. I remember his was nice and kind. I remember that I gave him a lots hugs and kisses. Why Nana Abu was Special to Me.

Abdullah Naeem Baig, Age 10
Nana Abu was very special to me. He was nice and kind. He was the first grandparent to pass away. It was very sad. I’d always remember him on the particular day he passed away. I will always remember his smile and great hugs. These are some details about him. May Allah grant him peace.

N ice
A ctive
N ever mean
A lways patient
A lways careful
B est Nana Abu
U nderstanding

My Special Nana Abu - Dhuha Naeem Baig, Age 7
Nana Abu was very nice. He was a true Muslim. Do you know how he was a true Muslim? He was always praying all the prayers, and he was the one I loved because he was special and he never use to fight with his brothers and sisters. He was the best.

From the Tariq Beig, Hussain, and Khan Families
By Yasmeen Beig

Our prime purpose in life as Muslims is to serve and glorify He who has granted us this life. Throughout this life, we must learn to be humble and kind and spread knowledge of Islam to those who accept it. There are very few souls who devote every second to the almighty Lord. There is no knowledge and no work without devotion towards Allah. Muhammad Anver Beig was a respected individual who committed his life to the sake of Allah subhana wa ta'ala and Islam. This is dedication and perseverance. He was also a man who understood and established love for family.

One year has passed without the illuminating presence of our beloved brother, father, husband, son, dear friend, uncle, Chanda mamu, and Tayya abu. He does remain forever in our hearts as we remember his bright smile, his uproarious laughter, his remarkable physical attributes and the immense love he had for his incredibly large family. Although he is not here with us today, his memories are bound to our hearts. He was the sole being that knew how to keep the family together through good and bad. The bond that he created for the family is unbreakable.

He considered family to be of great importance to an individual, because family is the first to be there through anything. An individual turns to family in times of sadness, illness, loneliness, and happiness. They provide the love and assistance that one needs through these times. From New York to Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Toronto, Pakistan and many more regions, it is proven that no matter the distance, the closer we become day by day allows the bond to become stronger than it already is. Now that he is no longer here, it is our responsibility to keep a firm hold on that bond and to restore our traditions and values. From barbecues, to speech contests, newborn members and weddings, the family has always felt a sense of companionship and love that is kept alive throughout our lives. This is what family is meant to be. It is stated "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain the bonds of kinship" [Bukhari]. The Prophet salallahu 'alayhi wa sallam said when it is time to present our deeds to Allah, anyone who has severed family ties has all his good deeds rejected. One who believes in tradition and values of family understands the importance in continuing them which will allow them to succeed in life. We were taught to respect, honor, cherish and love family by Anver Beig and for this, we thank and appreciate all that he has accomplished to keep us as one. One year has passed without his presence, yet we still stand together fulfilling what needs to be achieved as one proud family.

By Khadijah H. Beig

She had just taken the next flight from Kabul to J.F.K. At J.F.K, she was met by her children and their children. After years, she was anxious to see her daughters and grandchildren. Yet the most daring defeat stood ahead. From J.F.K., they headed straight to Philadelphia. The nearly five-foot lady, with her small stature, stood tall as she walked the halls of Abington Memorial Hospital to room H-21. As she saw her son, the shock and agony could clearly be seen through her eyes to her children who surrounded the hospital bed as they wept quietly. Yet she smiled as she forced her tears back in as she asked her son how he was. He was not well. Six months into his diagnosis of stomach cancer had left Syed drained physically and emotionally, but didn’t dare to touch his faith. Through his sobs, he told his mother, “Allah has always taken care of me in this world, and I know that he will continue to after this world, but mom…my kids…” The beautiful lady in her small and sensitive nature looked away from her children sternly as she said with disappointment, “I did not know that my children had such weak Iman.” Her daughters, teary-eyed, stared up at their mother in shock, as she continued, “Syed, your children have everything; look at all the family they have around them; they have enough to eat, to drink, to wear,” her voice became almost as soft as her gentle ivory-like face, “Do you know how many children in Afghanistan become Yateem (orphans) every day? They wake up to find themselves amongst rumble and in a split second, they are stripped of all the family they knew, of everyone in their town they recognized, or anything that they have, through their short life grown familiar to…” This is a woman of faith, the strongest of Iman. Such Imaan I had only seen once before.  Within the month, she watched every day as her son withered away to nothing. As the time grew near, she only strengthened her faith more. And when the time came, the doctors looked over in shock while she looked over her son as both mother and son smiled as he recited the Shahaadah so clearly after losing his capability to speak for the last month. She placed the small fragile hands over her sons eyes as she turned to the direction of the Qiblah, bent her knees, and pressed her hands and forehead against the cold hard hospital floor as she said, “Alhumdulillah”.

I could not understand. This woman had slowly lost her son to one of the most debilitating diseases in the world, and yet she let herself fall in Sajda as she bowed and thanked Allah. That same day, it was a year, and I was still coping and grieving over the death of my uncle. My Tayya Abu, Muhammad Anver Beig, was well-known as a noble philanthropist to the Muslim American community, and the names of the Masajids and Islamic institutions, relief organizations and schools with which he was active are endless. As a passionate and active student of the great Islamic scholar, Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi, my Tayya Abu devoted his entire life to reading the teaching of the Quran, Sunnah and the works of great scholars and teachers such as his own. A great man that I was lucky to grow up in the same home with.  It was a year and every day as I would whisper his name in my du’a, I would still choke on my tears. And this woman, who had lost the very child who
was once a part of herself would not allow herself to grieve over the departing of her son from this very dunya, because that would mean she was suffering or unhappy with the will of Allah. This was Allah’s will and she was happy with it and thanked him for it as she whispered bowing on the floor, beside her son’s death bed, “Thank you Allah for entrusting me with this beautiful Amanah (loan) for 34 years…” This was true Iman.

Sitting cross- legged on my Jan-e-maz that night, a million and one thoughts ran through my mind; a year ago today, Allah had taken from me my Tayya Abu, the driving force in our family, and since then, I have struggled to understand the will of my Rabb. How could He take from this world a man with such devotion for his deen, such a man that this ummah yearns for? Through my tears, I remembered how he would persuade us to enter the Inter-state Islamic speech competitions and years of standing at the podium and delivering poised speeches of deen while staring confidently into the audience waiting for that proud smile of Tayya Abu as a sign of our win. I thought how those numerous speeches, rallies, and protests have today taught me so much about standing up for what is right with confidence, manners, and self-respect. Soon the list of memories became endless, and I realized what a strong influence in not just my own life, but that of my siblings, my parents, my cousins and the entire family he had. To the world, my Tayya Abu was a community leader and teacher through his knowledge, experience, and drive for the Muslims. To us, his family, he was a hero. He had taught us so much, given us so much. We had never thanked him or the Creator who had given him to us. “Oh Allah,” I cried, Forgive me for my ungratefulness…you only took what was yours; thank you for allowing us to live our lives with such a great man….Thank you…Ya Allah…Alhumdulillah…”

A Year Has Passed…
By Aqsah Beig

A year has passed and the memories of Tayya Abu are still with us. Here we are trying to pass through the challenges, the obstacles, and the moment of fear. Leadership was his best quality that we should bring near. Now it is my turn to embrace the competition of life within each year. A year has passed… Every second of our lives, we are obtaining the hope, the faith, and the moment of dedication. Education was his righteous path to success and creation. Because of him, I am on a journey to fulfill my dreams through his inspiration.

In the Name of Allah
By Mauizah Beig

He spoke lightly as he stood upon the stage
Yet his words stormed loudly and clearly
For everyone to hear far across the room
The power they held could be seen by all
Not once did he get angry Nor did he higher his voice
The respect he gave to all
Did not matter on their status or age
But by the knowledge they wished to gain
The knowledge he received
Wasn't left bottled within
He spread Allah's word
As if he placed them upon the winds
Muhammad Anver Beig
Was a man of such strong Iman
Whose words spoken lightly
Were the most powerful of all.

From The Sheikh Family - by Fizza Sheikh Butt

We miss you!
We miss you!
We miss you!
We know you are in a better place,
Free from all of the worldly pains.
Your sister, nephew, and nieces miss you so,
We wish, so soon , you didn't have to go.
We miss your laughter, your smile, your spirit.
Your devotion to your family and to your religion.
We pray you have a good place in Jannah,
And hope we're together again, InshaAllah.

To a man who was a light...
By Yousaf Kashmiri

To a man who was a light on this earth for my family. It is hard to say or describe this individual in just a few words. He had a lot of passion on this earth for young Muslims and was always concerned about the future of Muslim youth. Thus, Muhammad Anver Beig took on many projects that would help create future Muslim leaders in America. He personally helped me in getting the Muslim Student Association set up in my college years. Also, he advised me to not do this to create a name for yourself, but to do it for the sake of Allah, and this type of leadership-producing attitude was what won him over most people I know. Anver Beig was a true leader, yet wanted nothing to do with fame. This he instilled in me, and I live by this rule. When doing something for the sake of Allah, don’t look for rewards from human beings, because your Creator is watching what you do. I will always miss his wisdom, but will carry out what he taught me, InshaAllah.

Reconciliation of the Right Path
By Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz, Lahore, Pakistan.

It's a year to go when Big Brother - Muhammad Anver Beig left this world to the infinite life in Jannah. May God be pleased with him and upgrade his rank there. Ameen! He is not with us now but his sweet memories still warm our hearts. He lives in our hearts and we can sense him around us watching our activities. His running projects are nice and practical examples of "Sadqa-e-Jariya" as people are still fetching benefits from these projects on regular basis and have consistent high regard for him. Indeed, his family inherited  an eternal message to serve the "Deen", the Muslim cause and the needy persons around the globe, by using all available sources. I witnessed that his family is doing their best to fulfill these objectives in every possible way. The regular publication of "Weekly Mirror International" is one of the best instances in this regard. Muhammad Umar Farooq Beig – his son – undertook the mission of his father and revitalize the "Weekly Mirror International" very sensibly and appropriately. I congratulate him (and his team) for the good work they rendered. May God empower him more to accept the new challenges. Ameen!

Muhammad Anver Beig, in his life, was an invisible hand to help the poor classes of our society. He explored non-Muslims by his personal efforts and helped them in the way they needed most, without hurting their dignity and ego (that's the way Islam taught us to help others). His first priority was to help students to complete their education, secondly; he was always ready to help fund-less parents to marry their daughters. Widows, orphans, and patients were also uplifted by this charitable man and they are still getting benefits from this fountain of generosity. I personally observed that these social works are still undergoing.

Regarding preaching Islam and spreading its universal message, Muhammad Anver Beig was always willing to acquire Qura'an sets with English translation to distribute them to Americans. I remember there were always a number of packed cartons in the queue to embark to the US. From Pakistan Qura'an sets and Islamic books were the only things he asked for.

I do hope that everyone of us realize, whether we are his family members, cousins or friends that we still have to do a lot to complete his mission. May God bless us strength, courage and "iman" to be a part of this crusade. Ameen!

On May 12, 2005, I dedicated three pages at my website as a humble "Tribute to my Big Brother". In a rainbow caption, I wrote, "Let us try to mould our lives in such a way that after our death; someone will dedicate a tribute-page like this for us." Inspiring from this line, I have to say; "Try to mould your life in such a way that after your death; people comment you in good sense and follow your path for their destiny."

Note: The tribute pages have been moved to sub-web at

The Mirror issue No. 262 (picture left) dedicated to cover all tributes and split in following 7 categories:

¢ Dawah ¢ Character ¢ Knowledge ¢ Family
Media ¢ Youth ¢ Collective Work


Note:  Only Family Tributes have been covered on this page. To read complete issue in PDF format download here [size 6.63 MB]





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This page was published on Thursday May 12, 2005

The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.

Muhammad Anver Beig

(Died on April 13, 2005)

Grave Marker of Anver Beig

The dread of something after death, the undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveler returns. (William Shakespeare)

"To fear death, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?" (Socrates)

  Highlights from Tributes 

He was truly an amazing person, always giving the right advice, doing things for others, respecting elders, and showing love to his children. One amazing talent he had was in keeping the family together. For instance, every now and then, he would have a family gathering just to keep the family close together. He loved his mother very much and all he wanted was for her to sit in front of him. He would then lovingly say to her, “This is my Hajj.”

(Rehana Kausar Beig- wife)

The most influential person to touch my life holistically from within and out. His handsome, ever-smiling face brought an amazing aura of brightness in his beautiful eyes. He was a very soft spoken and humble man who was a role model to everyone's lives he touched. A man of many qualities that showed his nurturing side.

(Ayesha Baig- daughter)

‘To Him do we belong, and to Him shall we return,’  [2:156]

Reflecting back at the time I shared with my beloved father, I can only remember his immense strength, patience, and Imaan. His passion for Islam, his unsurpassed courage, trust and fear of Allah are qualities that certainly defined his personality.

(M. Umar Farooq Beig- son)

He was such a good role model for them, as well as all the other people he met. He always made du'aa for all of the Muslim youth to stay strong in Iman and Islam. He used to say that our boys and girls are lighthouses, to guide people to Islam in the future.

(Nighat Fahim- sister)

Maamu, you have planted the roots in America and from those roots came the tree branches which we are. By looking at these branches it appears that you planted a good seed. I am honored to be related to someone like you. You have been labeled a self-made “God Father” like individual. However, with your self making I never saw selfishness. You have made all of us become better people in society financially, economically, and most importantly, Islamically.

(Yousaf Kashmiri- nephew)

As a pious, sympathetic, lenient, devoted, soft-hearted and well-mannered person, he was the ideal of hundreds. He was an unseen helping hand to many orphans, widows, students, patients, and needy persons. He was always willing to help poor parents to marry their daughters and never claimed appreciation in this respect. He was constantly respectful and attentive to everyone – young to old. As he was soft-spoken by nature, he successfully handled every situation wisely and tactfully. He loves reading books. His only request (and wish) to have something from Pakistan was Islamic books and Qura’an sets with English translation.

(M. Ajmal Beig Naz- cousin)

Such people are shining examples for generations to come. We should share his example with others who did not know him and especially to the new generations of Muslims so they can get inspiration from his life and works.

(Dr. Mohammad Yunus- friend)

His strong faith in God and the obvious love of his family certainly got him through his ordeal. Heaven surely has another angel now.

(Karen Olivers, RN- Oncology Clinic)

Mr. Beig was a very gentle man with a gentle heart. He was always appreciative of what we did and never complained even when he was having pain. I could see the love he had for his wife and children. It was my pleasure to serve him and take care of Mr. Beig. I know for sure he is in a much better place.

(Iris- Oncology Clinic)


My heart-felt thanks to all those who sent their tributes to share on these pages. Jazak Allah!

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