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40 Memories 

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40 Memories

In Loving Memory of

Muhammad Anver Beig

1939 - 2005

Guest Page
Created by Fatimah Noor Beig
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Great People never dies...

40 Memories that I will Never Forget... 

by Fatimah Noor Beig

1. I will never forget  the immense strength and courage Abu Jee possessed when dealing with his illness. He always put on a brave face and was always attentive to doctors discussing his condition. He would ask us to research more about the cancers that were weakening his body (but not his soul!) 

2. I will never forget  how Abu Jee always used to say "I cannot thank Allah enough…" He exhibited so much taqwah. When he was ill from 2002-2005, he did not tell his family or friends, in fear that Allah (SWT) would be displeased with him for complaining about his health after 62 years of a healthy and happy living.

3. I will never forget  how Abu Jee always listened to both sides of the story and always encouraged healthy discourse within the family. Every word out of Abu Jee's mouth was a word of a wise man. When he did speak, he spoke with gentle words quoting Quran/Hadith and with sincerity and love in his hearts for all of us. 

4. I will never forget  how Ami Jee and Abu Jee were like the dynamic duo when it came to parenting. Their love for each other was also very evident as Abu Jee would always be kind to her, joke with her and would frequently bring home roses. Ami Jee in return had the patience and strength to dedicate whole-heartedly three and a half years of her life to taking care of her husband. She fought for him and never backed down, sometimes she seemed to know more than the nurses and even challenged the doctors- go Ami!

5. I will never forget  how Abu Jee would embarrass us by talking about us and our specific achievements to mere strangers, acquaintances and or friends. 

6. I will never forget the look on Abu's face, his high fives and our secret handshakes, when I told him happy news 

7. I will never forget  how charismatic Abu Jee was, especially playing MC at Qudsia Baji's wedding. I remember being excited about the day when Abu Jee would be able to speak and greet guests as an MC at my own wedding. 

8. I will never forget  how difficult I was many times especially when I was younger. Abu Jee always had my side and defended me no matter how much I hurt him especially during our friendly sibling quarrels. 

9. I will never forget  Abu Jee's creative and clever mind in thinking of amazing slogans when it came to the infamous rallies that we all participated in. He was always the ahead of the gang (see scrapbook for proof!) 

10. I will never forget  how we had to do our speeches for the annual speech competitions before him (podium and all!). Abu would always say without fail, "Fatimaaah! clarity! I don't hear clarity in your voice."

11. I will never forget  how when we went to the store or a mall, how Abu Jee would find the nearest bench and sit on it and read his duas/write side notes or highlight important parts in the book he was reading; or when we would go on family outings and Abu Jee would rush out before Ami Jee to get the passenger seat of the car so that he could read his books. 

12. I will never forget  how Abu Jee was a walking map. Whenever we would be lost or in traffic, we only needed to describe our location to Abu Jee and he knew every time how to find our way back or find a way out. 

13. I will never forget  how Abu Jee had to drop and pick me and Maryam up from St. John's every day and get to the office 3 hrs earlier than usual every day and have to sit through morning rush hour and then wait around the office to pick us up at 8 pm at school for three years. 

14.I will never forget  how Abu Jee never wasted his time; even with family over he spent a respectable amount of time with them and then went back to his books or editing Mirror articles and news on the computer. 

15. I will never forget  how Abu Jee always wanted to learn from us. He never wanted us to just fix the problems he encountered on the computer but he wanted us to teach him how we did it. We would get impatient and laugh at him because he was so slow! 

16. I will never forget Abu Jee's kind heart and compassion towards strangers. He was a nameless helping hand to so many charities, masajids, Islamic projects, orphans, widows, and needy families. Most of his charity work was done in secret even from all of us. He did not care for people to look at him with awe, he wanted his reward to be only with Allah. This is why he never wanted his name anywhere on his projects. 

17. I will never forget Abu Jee's passion to do good works; whether it be for Mirror, compiling "Wisdom from the sages of the ages", or "For us to Act," distributing Quran's and having them in his trunk for chance encounters with people who might need them, or ordering Maududi (RA) tafseer sets from anyone who would come from Pakistan for free distribution, etc. 

18. I will never forget  how proud Abu Jee was when Maryam and I got our Masters. Abu Jee encouraged excellence in all aspects of our lives especially in education, both Islamic and secular.  

19. I will never forget  how Abu Jee would always give me great encouragement and advice in my YM work especially when he would say, "follow-up is key!" When I would complain to him about our financial status, he would immediately ask me to provide him with all the receipts so that he could pay them off. When I complained to him about our lack of publicity, he told me to get the information to him so that he could give YM the centerpiece in the upcoming Mirror issue.

20. I will never forget  how calm, patient, and resilient Abu Jee was in times of hardship, and sorrow. We would be upset and emotional, especially when the doctors would make empty promises to send him home. Many times he would spend a month in the hospital, and never lost his patience and sense of humor and optimism. What gave us the right to complain? 

21. I will never forget  how much I would beg Abu Jee to get me a PT Cruiser every time we saw one on the road no matter how much he told me that American cars were a bad investment. I got one in Aug 2005 after I finished the scrapbook as Abu Jee had secretly told Umar to get it for me. Now every time I drive in it, I think about how cool it would have been for me to drive him around in it. 

22. I will never forget  how organized Abu Jee was with all of the highlighting, underlining, bolding he would do on the word documents he would work on. (I would laugh at him and now I do the same thing!) 

23. I will never forget  how I used to always pray for him and for his safety . I was so happy to see him when he walked into the door from a long day at work. I would hurry up to give him a hug and bring him a glass of water (because Abu loved water!) 

24. I will never forget  when he was in the hospital, no matter how much I knew he wanted us to stay with him, he always wanted us to sacrifice our time with him and go to the institute or home. After all, we were the "joy" of his life as he would say and every time we were with him, he would say "I feel like I'm in heaven!"

25. I will never forget  how the nurses and doctors said that HE taught them about patience. They always appreciated his optimism and will to live despite all the painful treatments he would undergo. 

26. I will never forget  how even when Abu Jee was actually home and able sit up was alert and able to move around, he would still stay up and sacrifice required sleep and do Mirror work on his computer. 

27. I will never forget  how we would bring each issue of the Mirror to Abu Jee in the hospital and he would still analyze and critique it with much passion even though he was barely able to sit up on his bed. 

28. I will never forget  how we used to call Abu Jee a "softy" we would say, "abu Jee, you are soft as ice cream!" Abu Jee would smile and laugh because he knew it!

29. I will never forget  how despite the effects of all the medicine in his system, low platelets and white blood cells which made weak, the numerous markings of needles all over his arms, the obvious pain that shot through his body even with the the slightest touch, the damaged vocal cords that barely made his voice audible, and of course the chemo, he was alert for me and his nurses and was always trying to smile and make jokes.

30. I will never forget   everything Abu Jee taught me in his short life. Because of him I have tried to become a well-rounded individual and because of his constant reminders to us to always thank Allah and to make dua to Him to give us more, I have found success in my life- alhamdulillah!

31. I will never forget  the last meal we shared together- One Friday instead of the regular Friday tuna sandwich from Subway, I surprised him with pizza from Pizza Hut and just the way he liked it, with mushrooms and onions.  We had a blast eating the whole pie! This was the last time Abu Jee ate solid food.

32. I will never forget  how heartbroken and sad I was for Abu Jee knowing that he had three grandchildren on the way but he knew he would not be able to see them in this life. Within six months of his passing away, we welcomed to this world Hayaa Iman, Najib and Husna Noor.

33. I will never forget  how thankful I am to Allah (SWT) for giving me the ability to start work on and complete this scrapbook so that everyone can remember his good life and let him be an inspiration to us and for all the generations to come, ameen. 

34. I will never forget  how Abu Jee made funny faces at me when I could not look at him after the doctors told him that they could do no more and that he should go home and spend time with his family. 

35.I will never forget  the pain I felt waking up the next morning wishing I never had to wake up, knowing that my biggest nightmare was coming true. 

36. I will never forget  the morning of April 13th and how I felt sick to my stomach and left school early to be with Abu Jee.

37.I will never forget  how Abu Jee was truly the greatest human being I have ever known. May Allah (SWT) allow him to build a palace in Jannatul firdos and may he get the rewards of a mujahid who strived in his life only to please his creator, ameen. 

38.I will never forget  how Abu Jee always practiced what he preached. 

39.I will never forget  how Abu would always be in constant thought and always acted on those thoughts. When we would tell Abu Jee to relax, take a break and have some fun, he would say that he would rest when he dies. (May Allah swt give him lots of rest after living a life of unrest, ameen) 

40. I will never forget  how proud I am and how much honor I feel to be his daughter. 

This page is created by Fatimah Noor Beig, April 2006.

Editor's Note:
Fatimah Noor Beig is the YM Leader of the Year, 2005.

Read her interview at YM site.


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The fame of heroes owes little to the extent of their conquests and all to the success of the tributes paid to them.

Muhammad Anver Beig

(Died on April 13, 2005)

Grave Marker of Anver Beig

The dread of something after death, the undiscovered country, from whose bourn. No traveler returns. (William Shakespeare)

"To fear death, is only to think ourselves wise, without being wise: for it is to think that we know what we do not know. For anything that men can tell, death may be the greatest good that can happen to them: but they fear it as if they knew quite well that it was the greatest of evils. And what is this but that shameful ignorance of thinking that we know what we do not know?" (Socrates)

  Highlights from Tributes 

He was truly an amazing person, always giving the right advice, doing things for others, respecting elders, and showing love to his children. One amazing talent he had was in keeping the family together. For instance, every now and then, he would have a family gathering just to keep the family close together. He loved his mother very much and all he wanted was for her to sit in front of him. He would then lovingly say to her, “This is my Hajj.”

(Rehana Kausar Beig- wife)

The most influential person to touch my life holistically from within and out. His handsome, ever-smiling face brought an amazing aura of brightness in his beautiful eyes. He was a very soft spoken and humble man who was a role model to everyone's lives he touched. A man of many qualities that showed his nurturing side.

(Ayesha Baig- daughter)

‘To Him do we belong, and to Him shall we return,’  [2:156]

Reflecting back at the time I shared with my beloved father, I can only remember his immense strength, patience, and Imaan. His passion for Islam, his unsurpassed courage, trust and fear of Allah are qualities that certainly defined his personality.

(M. Umar Farooq Beig- son)

He was such a good role model for them, as well as all the other people he met. He always made du'aa for all of the Muslim youth to stay strong in Iman and Islam. He used to say that our boys and girls are lighthouses, to guide people to Islam in the future.

(Nighat Fahim- sister)

Maamu, you have planted the roots in America and from those roots came the tree branches which we are. By looking at these branches it appears that you planted a good seed. I am honored to be related to someone like you. You have been labeled a self-made “God Father” like individual. However, with your self making I never saw selfishness. You have made all of us become better people in society financially, economically, and most importantly, Islamically.

(Yousaf Kashmiri- nephew)

As a pious, sympathetic, lenient, devoted, soft-hearted and well-mannered person, he was the ideal of hundreds. He was an unseen helping hand to many orphans, widows, students, patients, and needy persons. He was always willing to help poor parents to marry their daughters and never claimed appreciation in this respect. He was constantly respectful and attentive to everyone – young to old. As he was soft-spoken by nature, he successfully handled every situation wisely and tactfully. He loves reading books. His only request (and wish) to have something from Pakistan was Islamic books and Qura’an sets with English translation.

(M. Ajmal Beig Naz- cousin)

Such people are shining examples for generations to come. We should share his example with others who did not know him and especially to the new generations of Muslims so they can get inspiration from his life and works.

(Dr. Mohammad Yunus- friend)

His strong faith in God and the obvious love of his family certainly got him through his ordeal. Heaven surely has another angel now.

(Karen Olivers, RN- Oncology Clinic)

Mr. Beig was a very gentle man with a gentle heart. He was always appreciative of what we did and never complained even when he was having pain. I could see the love he had for his wife and children. It was my pleasure to serve him and take care of Mr. Beig. I know for sure he is in a much better place.

(Iris- Oncology Clinic)


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