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1st Generation

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Updated: Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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Family Line Status


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Ghulam Mohd. Beig

Abdul Ghani Beig

Abdul Majid Beig

Abdul Hamid Beig

Abdul Wahid Beig

Abul Waheed Beig

Abdul Hafeez Beig

Born: N/A

Born: N/A

Born: N/A

Born: 12 July 1925

Born: 01 July 1928

Born: 03 Aug 1935

Born: 15 Jan 1937

Died: 22 Jun 1953

Died: 22 Sep 1974

Died: 10 July 1997

Died: 04 Nov 2009

Died: 28 Jul 2011


First Generation


Descending Line:  Peeran Ditta >   Ghulam Muhammad Beig     Died: 22 June 1953 


  Wife:   Ayesha Bibi (Aapo) d/o Abdul Samad Butt   Died: 21 June 1977 



Date of Birth

Wife's Name

Married On

Died On

Abdul Ghani Beig


Nawab Begum
d/o: Allah Ditta

Born: 17 Jun 1920
Died: 30 Aug 2006


22 Sep 1974

Ghulam Fatima


  Never Married 

(in early age)

Razia Bano (Behan Ji)



Ali Muhammad Butt
Died: 14 Sep 2004


27 Sep 1998

Abdul Majad Beig


Safia Begum
daughter of:
Din Waein

Died: 24 Jun 1979


10 July 1997

Abdul Hamid Beig

12 July 1925


Mubarak Begum
d/o: Allah Ditta

Born: 02 Aug 1931

Died: 31 Aug 2003

29 July

04 Nov 2009

Abdul Wahad Beig

01 July 1928


Mussarat Afza
daughter of:
Nabi Bakhash Kashmiri

Born: 23 Oct 1932
Died: 28 Jan 2013

18 Aug


28 July 2011

 Surayya Bibi



Ghulam Sadaq
Died: 05 Jan 1994


07 Jan  2003

Abdul Waheed Beig

03 Aug 1935


Shamim Akhtar
daughter of:
Abdul Rehman Khan

Died: 08 Feb 1995


30 Nov 2015

Abdul Hafeez Beig

15 Jan 1937


Sarfraz Begum
daughter of: N/A

Died: 20 Mar 1991

22 March


18 April 2017

Yasmin Akhtar
daughter of:
Abdul Hameed Riaz

Born: 1955

04 October 1991


1st Generation Ended


Abdul Ghani Beig died on Sunday  22 Sep 1974  (5 Ramzan 1394 AH) at 9:45 pm Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Nawab Begum & Mubarak Begum were daughters of Allah Ditta  (Died: 14 Feb 1948 ) and Hussein Bibi  (Died: 25 Jul 1976)

Data ended for 1st Generation

2nd Generation


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What is a Family Tree?
A genealogical diagram of a family's ancestry or a lineage of the ancestors and descendants of a family considered as a group.

  Our Ancestral Town

Chumm Gandh
Tehsil & District Sari Nagar,

Occupied Kashmir.

  Our Grand Grand father 

  Peeran Ditta 

4 Sons 1 Daughter

  Descendents of Peeran Ditta 

  Imam Din - Wife Name: N/A

  Gaamun - Wife Name: Rahmon

  Umrah - Un-married

  Umri- Wife of: Nabi Bakhsh

  Ghulam Mohammad Beig 

Wife's Name: Ayesha Bibi
daughter of Samad Butt

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 Ghulam Mohammad Beig
 Died on: 22 June 1953

  Highest Age Claimed by  Male

 Abdul Hamid Beig 
s/o Ghulam Muhammad Beig
 (Born: 12 July 1925)

 Died on: 04 Nov 2009

 At Age 84 years

  Highest Age Claimed by Female

 Nawab Begum
wife of Abdul Ghani Beig
(Born: 17 June 1920)

 Died on: 30 Aug 2006

 At Age 86 years


Many thanks to all those who helped me in collecting /confirming relevant data to make this page possible.

Jazak Allah!

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 Haji Abdul Hamid Beig
(May Allah be pleased with him)


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